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How to reset Xiaomi Mi 9 Hard reset

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Nowadays, having a mobile phone is something more than everyday for the majority of the population, since they have become indispensable for many people who, in addition to using it in the personal sphere, use it as an element of work.

Undoubtedly, the possibilities that Smartphones offer us today are immense, since they cover a number of possibilities thanks to their Internet connection. Directly from the palm of our hand we have the opportunity to browse the web, download different applications or manage our email accounts or social networks if we need it.

In addition to this the cameras of the terminals are increasingly powerful so they have become the main photo and video cameras for most people. This implies that the amount of information that we store in them is quite important and this over time can fill your memory . This can cause the phone not to work in the right way and reach a point where we want to release. Another reason to want to erase the phone is that we are going to transfer or sell it and we do not want any information to be traced.

Some of the most common failures that we can solve are
  • Random failures of the device.
  • Faults in camera or speakers.
  • Unexpected closure of applications.
  • Failures in the applications.
  • Faults in the operating system.
  • Faults or problems with the battery.

That is why we show you how to perform a factory reset of the Xiaomi Mi 9 to be completely erased.

Remember that you must make a previous backup copy with all this data but you want to lose them, because once the process is done there will be no way to recover them.

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1. How to reset Xiaomi Mi 9 from Settings

If you want to reset your Xiaomi Mi 9 from the phone settings, you should do the following:
Step 1

The first thing you should do is enter the "Settings" from the main screen.


Step 2

Among the available options, click on "Additional settings".


Step 3

Next, you have to select "Backup and restore".


Step 4

You will see several options. In this case, select "Delete all data".


Step 5

The next thing to do is select "Reset phone".


Step 6

A message will appear in which you will be informed that if you perform this action all your data will be deleted. Click on "Next".


Step 7

Now, click on "Accept" to confirm the action and you will have finished.


2. How to reset Xiaomi Mi 9 without unlock code

In case you have problems accessing the interior of the terminal, it is best to make a Hard reset with the external buttons of the phone. For this you must follow the steps that are detailed below.
Hard Reset My 9
  • Turn off the phone.
  • You must keep the On / Off buttons and the Volume up button pressed simultaneously.
  • Now select Wipe Data.
  • Now select Wipe All Data.
  • Press Confirm to confirm the action.
  • The process of resetting your Mi 9 will begin. Then select Back To Main Menu.
  • Now press Reboot on the new screen.
  • Press Reboot to System.
You will see that your phone will restart and that you can reconfigure it again.


This way you will be able to have your Xiaomi Mi 9 as fresh from the factory without any information. Now is the time to reconfigure it.

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