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How to put SIM card in Honor View 20

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Everyone knows that the SIM card is the most important component of a mobile phone, since it is the means by which calls can be made, messages can be sent , and even data can be independently of Wi-fi networks .

However, it should be mentioned that this same aspect has a specific way of being placed on phones, especially in those where there are trays or slots that are for this only, as is the case of the Honor View 20 . So, if you want to know how to do it directly on that device, you just have to follow these steps ..

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Step 1

First of all, you have to verify that you have the three fundamental elements for the placement of the SIM card. These are:
  • The original key with which you can open the slot (This comes from the factory with the device).
  • The mobile device Honor View 20.
  • The Nano SIM that you want to insert in the terminal.


You must take into account in this case, that the phone must be turned off at all times, otherwise, it could cause damage to the internal system that owns it.
Step 2

To start, the first thing you have to do is enter the key you have directly into the hole in the SIM slot.

The latter is located right on the side of the mobile phone. In it, what you have to do is enter the key and apply a little pressure until you hear a small "Click".


Step 3

When you have completed this last step, you will notice that immediately a tray will be extracted, which is the default to place the SIM of the mobile, you must remove it completely to continue with the procedure.


Step 4

As you can see, this same slot will have two spaces independently, one for a nano SIM and another for a micro Ship, in this case, you have to place the SIM in the slot of the bottom.

When doing so, verify that it is not loose, as this could cause certain eventualities when introducing the slot again.


Step 5

To finish, you just have to put the tray back where it\'s going. To do this you must simply present the component in the slot and press lightly until it fits completely. You should know that this point is extremely important and delicate, because if the Nano SIM does not fit correctly and pressure is applied, it can break causing a bigger problem.


Likewise, you should know that in the Honor View 20 you can place two SIM cards, so, in case you want to enter a second, simply perform the same procedure again.

And ready, as you can see the method to do it is very simple, you just have to be careful with the steps to follow, since they manipulate physical elements that are small and fragile. However, once you complete it you can enjoy your Honor View 20 normally.

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