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How to put SIM card in Xiaomi Mi 9

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The SIM card is one of the most important elements within the field of mobile devices, since, without it, they could not be carried out, some of the most basic tasks offered by telephones, such as making calls and messages , this is why it is important to know how to put the SIM .

You should also know that the SIM card slot of the Xiaomi Mi 9 is Nano size, for this reason, you must ensure that your SIM meets that description to be compatible.

We also leave the video tutorial to follow the steps easily to insert or change the SIM card to a Xiaomi Mi 9.

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Step 1

Fortunately, Xiaomi mobile devices are extremely simple for all these tasks, initially, you need:
  • Locate the key that is included with your Xiaomi mobile device (you must be very careful with this tool, since it is very small and if you misplace it, you will not be able to continue with the procedure).
  • Next, put your SIM card in your hand.
  • Take your phone and place it near you.


First proceed to turn off your device for security reasons.
Step 2

After this, look on the left side of your Xiaomi Mi 9 device. If you look closely, you will notice a small hole, in this, you must enter the Xiaomi mobile key and proceed to apply a little pressure, remember to do it with much careful not to break it.

A small "Click" will indicate when you have applied the amount of pressure required, this sound will indicate that the tray for the SIM is ready to be extracted.


Step 3

After this, you can proceed with the extraction of the SIM tray, once you are outside, you will notice that it has two spaces, identify the one that bears the title of "SIM 1" and place your card there.


Step 4

After having verified that the SIM card is placed in the correct position, carefully reintroduce the tray with the SIM placed in its designated space, when it has clicked into place, you will hear the same "Click" that you heard previously.

I remind you again that all the components that you will manipulate during this process are extremely delicate, so it will be necessary to handle them with great care so as not to cause any damage to them.
After this, turn on your Xiaomi Mi 9 device and check that the SIM card has been read properly by the device.


In this way, you will have successfully and very quickly and easily introduced the SIM card in your Xiaomi Mi 9 mobile phone, once again we reintegrate you, for the safety of your device, it must be turned off when carrying out this procedure.

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