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How to activate battery saving mode in Xiaomi Mi 9

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A very important aspect that is taken into account in mobile devices is the battery life . This is a problem that can sometimes become a bit annoying, because each time the percentage of it decreases more quickly than before; something that makes it impossible for us to use these terminals correctly and comfortably.

Nowadays, there are many models of mobile phones that have among their functions the activation of Battery Saving Mode . This is something that has largely solved this great concern that you have with the duration of this. However, many people do not know how to activate it , therefore, we will explain how to do it in the Xiaomi Mi 9 with a few simple steps.

We also leave the video tutorial to be able to make it more easily visually in the Xiaomi Mi 9.

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Step 1

The first thing you must do to access this option is to go to the main screen of your Xiaomi Mi 9. There you will have to look for the icon of the "Settings" between the applications, which appears with a gear symbol.


Step 2

After that, you must slide between the options that appear in the configurations until you find the section that says "Battery and performance" to select it and open the specific settings.


Step 3

Then, when you are already inside this section, you must click on where it says "Energy" so that the corresponding configurations are opened.


Step 4

Then, you will see the option that specifies "Energy Saving", which you must select to be able to perform the proper activation in the Xiaomi Mi 9.


Step 5

To conclude, just slide the switch that appears on the top where it says "Energy Saver" to activate this function. And you\'re done, you\'ll find the energy saving mode enabled in the terminal. You can also program the hours in which you want this energy saving mode to be active.


In case you want to deactivate this function, you only need to perform the same procedure and disable it in the switch. This function that brings the Xiaomi Mi 9 is specific for the battery of our terminal to last for much longer, without the need to be charging it so often.

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