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Magic Rush Heroes and how to get free diamonds

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This is one of the most downloaded games for Android on Google Play in recent months. Developed by the Elex studios, Magic Rush Heroes brings us a game that mixes different genres in a single game (RPG, defend the tower, construction and defense of bases) .


In this article I will do a brief analysis of Magic Rush Heroes for Android and I will also give several tips to get free diamonds and start playing correctly .

The big problem of Magic Rush Heroes

I start with the negative aspect of the game, since I consider it to be something to consider before considering installing it. The great failure of this game is that we can classify it within the pay-to-win or in other words, games in which you buy upgrades and diamonds (with real money) you get to be well above the rest of your rivals.

When you have been playing for a while, you realize that there are users who invest more than € 300 per month (especially users from China or Korea) , when investing such large sums it is impossible to win unless you invest a higher amount. I said the figure of € 300, but I'm sure there are players who invest much more. Obviously, these players will destroy your castle without any problem, so the game loses all the strategic aspect and fun being reduced to a simple "pay and win" .

In short and in a nutshell, if you are not willing to invest a large sum of money you better not install Magic Rush Heroes.

Analysis of Magic Rush Heroes for Android

Within the game we find three main ingredients, elements of RPG games (evolution of characters, equipment, skills, etc.), elements of games to defend the tower and finally construction games and defense of bases . The resulting mix is ​​a very addictive and entertaining game once we move forward and manage to unlock the different options.

It must also be said that most of the characters are copied (or very very similar) to the characters of League of Legends . In many places I have read that Magic Rush Heroes is a copy of League of Legends, but in reality what they have copied is the appearance and abilities of some characters. I am sure they have also copied ideas from other games, but the resulting combination is good in terms of playability.

The graphic aspect is not something that stands out but has a pretty good level and is accompanied by acceptable sound effects. What really stands out about this game is how addictive it can be (a pity that is a pay-to-win and ends up being boring) .

Tips and tricks to get free diamonds in Magic Rush Heroes

There are three types of main resources: gold, diamonds and vitality.

  • The best way to get diamonds is to fight in the sand , if we get better positions, we will get more diamonds. In the arena store it is a good idea to buy Jacob as soon as possible.
  • Joining the monster rallies (level 5 if possible) will give us a good sum of gold and if we are lucky a chest with a treasure that can contain experience, gold, vitality, etc.
  • Use the academy to improve the attributes of the heroes. Evolve technology whenever possible and to get resources in bulk, better attack other weaker castles using recognize to see how many resources they have accumulated.
  • Joining an alizana is a great help, try to get close to your peers and be active (if they also have a much better megamina). Employing the alliance store is also very important, especially to buy daily essence of the shadows.
  • Crusade of the island , we will only use it to get coins from the crusade shop and with which we will buy Blaine gems.
  • Test ground , is where we can get gold and experience quickly.
  • Treasure of the abyss , is a good place to get gems and your store seems a good option to get runes of advanced level or the gems of the legendary hero Gerber.
  • Crystal dungeon , we get equipment for our heroes and we get essence of the shadows to improve these objects.
  • Campaign mode allows us to quickly search in three difficulties (Normal, Elite and Fight). The Elite and Fight difficulties need more vitality and we can only fight three times every 24 hours, but the prizes are more valuable (more gold, hero gems, experience and advanced runes).
  • We must try to pass the phases of defending the tower with three stars , since the more we have more experience we can generate per hour.

These are the basic points to start playing Magic Rush Heroes, although I must admit that I do not like this type of pay-to-win games and therefore do not recommend them . The video game is available on Google Play .

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