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How to make screenshots on Android and iOS?

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Sometimes it may be necessary to take a screenshot of our mobile devices with different purposes, for example, save a code or message in the form of a photograph to consult later or capture a certain window of our device with different purposes.

At the beginning to be able to take screenshots on these devices it was necessary to use third-party software that captured the screen and saved it, however, in the most recent versions of both operating systems this function is integrated into the system and it is possible to make these captures simply with a combination of keys as we can see below.

How to make screenshots on Android

In the most recent versions of Android we can take screenshots without the need to use additional tools, simply by pressing a combination of keys so that it is taken.

To do this, we must press and hold the Power button of our smartphone or tablet next to the volume down button.


We will be able to see how a sound is played and the capture of the current screen in which we are is taken. This capture will be saved by default in the folder / Pictures / Screenshots and we can easily pass it to the computer like any other element of our smartphone or Android Tablet.

The location of the buttons can vary on each device.

How to make screenshot in iOS

The way to make screenshots natively on iOS is very similar to that of Android, although they change the keys necessary for this to occur.

In an Apple device with iOS, for example, an iPhone, an iPod or an iPad, we must press the power key next to the Home / Touchpad button, both keys at the same time.


We can see a small flash where the screenshot in question is taken and it will be saved on the reel as one more photograph to later upload it to iCloud or pass it to the computer through iTunes.

In some models the location of the buttons may vary.

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