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How to block advertising on Android

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So many ads in Android? Because of pop-up ads, your Android device will be slow. In addition, they cost so much network of mobile communications. Not so convenient, yes? OK! Here are some methods that can block Android advertising.

How to block Android advertising

1. Change the browser from your device

With Opera Browser , you can remove Android advertising because Opera Browser supports blockers of advertising. With the ad blocker you can block pop-ups. 

Opera browser

Pay attention: If you often use Google Chrome or Firefox, changing browsers is not that convenient for you.

After installing Opera, you can remove ads from your phone!

2. Block advertising Android: Install ad block browser

Ad-Block Browser is also a good method for you. It is free and cheap without advertising.

Ad block browser

3. Block Popups Android: Install Chrome

If you do not want pop-up ads, you can use Chrome to block this Android ad. Only open Chrome. Then click on the icon from Menu> Settings> Site Settings> Pop-ups. Then you can block this option.


4. Block ads Android: Data saving mode in Chrome

Other alternative method for Chrome is data saving mode. With this mode you can save data usage. Only open Chrome. Then click on the icon from Menu> Settings> Data Saver> On . After that, ads and unnecessary animations on the website will be blocked.

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