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Explanation of LG TV model numbers

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Surely you've wondered what that series of letters and numbers that appears on our television models. If you know its meaning, it is very easy to distinguish the most important models and technical characteristics.

In this guide we explain how to understand the nomenclature of our models.

The model code


  • Size in inches of the screen : 32, 43, 49, 55, 60, 65 ...
  • Range : depending on the launch year, the TV will belong to a different range. They are usually divided by technology. For example LED, Ultra HD, OLED, Plasma. It is combined with the series. Below we give you information according to the year of manufacture.
  • Series : identifies the different models of a range.
  • Tuner type : V for terrestrial tuner, cable and satellite. 0 for terrestrial tuner and cable.

Model ranges per year

Every year many TV models are launched, which are grouped by ranges depending on the technology or features:


  • W7 : OLED Ultra HD 4K HDR Wallpaper Flat
  • G7, E7,  C7,  B7 : OLED Ultra HD 4K Flat HDR
  • SJ : Super Ultra HD 4K Quantum Flat HDR Dots
  • UJ : Ultra HD 4K HDR Plano
  • LJ : Full HD Plano


  • G6, E6, B6 : OLED Ultra HD 4K HDR Plano
  • C6 : OLED Ultra HD 4K Curved HDR
  • UH95, UH85, UH77 : Super Ultra HD 4K Flat HDR
  • UH75, UH6 : Ultra HD 4K Flat HDR
  • LH : Full HD (32 "HD Ready) Plano


  • EG : UHD 4K Curved OLED
  • EF : OLED Full HD Curved
  • UF : Ultra HD 4K Plano
  • UG : Ultra HD 4K Curved
  • LF : Full HD


  • EC98, EC97 : OLED Ultra HD 4K Curved
  • EC93, EA98, EA97 : OLED Full HD Curved
  • EA88:  OLED Full HD Plano
  • UC: Ultra HD Curved 4K
  • UB : Ultra HD 4K Plano
  • LB : Full HD (<32 "HD Ready) Plano
  • PB : Full HD Plasma

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