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Explanation of Samsung TV model numbers

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Today we are going to explain what the letters and numbers that make up the model name of a Samsung television mean. You will see that their televisions usually have quite complex model numbers, such as, for example, UE55F8000AFXZ . Well, all the letters and numbers that make up this name have their meaning.

This is something quite interesting to know, since a small variation in one of these letters can indicate changes in the technology of your screen, date and country of manufacture. Okay, maybe it's not as important as knowing other important data about your technologies, but at least they give you small clues about the basics and essentials.

For example, you will be able to know if the screen of the TV is of LED technology or if it uses the QLED technology for which Samsung has been betting for some time , even for its best and most exclusive models . Although the new MicroLEDs will soon have to be included in the list as soon as they start to be seen in the market.

What does the Samsung TV code mean?

To decipher the code that each Samsung TV model has, let's start with the sample code "UE55F8000AFXZ" . As you see on the page above, it is a composite code, and each of its fragments has its own meaning. Here is a graph in which we explain what is the meaning of each fragment in the sample code.





Display technology 
U = LED 
P = Plasma 
L = LCD 
H = DLP 


Country for which it is manufactured 
N = North America 
E = Europe 
A = Asia


Size in inches


Year of model 
Q = 2017 QLED 
MU = 2017 UHD 
M = 2017 HD 
KS = 2016 SUHD 
KU = 2016 UHD 
L = 2015 
H = 2014 
HU = 2014 UHD 
F = 2013 
E = 2012 
D = 2011 
C = 2010 
B = 2009 
A = 2008


The series of the product. The higher this number is better equipped and the TV range will be higher


Feature or design, such as the type of stand.


Manufacturing information

In this way, the example code UE55F8000AFXZ that we have used would tell us several things about the television that we are looking at. For example, he would tell us that his screen uses LED technology (U), and that it is manufactured for the European market (E). We would also know that it is 55 inches (55), and that it is a device manufactured in 2013 (F).

We would also know that it belongs to the 8000 series, whose models can be found by looking for that number on the official website of Samsung . Then we have a code that differentiates some features or design models of the same series and size (A), and although it is not common, you can end with another that indicates the country of manufacture (FXZ).

In these last letters you can know, for example, if your TV has been manufactured in the north of Europe or even in the Iberian Peninsula. Here are some of the codes of European countries:

  • (XC) Spain, Portugal
  • (ZG) Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • (ZF) France
  • (ZT) Italy
  • (XE) Nordic countries
  • (XU) United Kingdom

Sometimes, after the numbers that indicate the year of manufacture, another letter can be added to indicate differences between models . We can take as examples the codes UE40 EH 5300 and UE46 ES 6500. They would belong to teles of 2012, but the EH would indicate that it is a hybrid LED model and the ES that is a Slim LED.

The codes of older models

The code that Samsung uses to define the characteristics of its teles was not the same at the beginning of the last decade. In those cases we can find codes like LN-T4681FX / XA , which indicate practically the same but in a different way . Here you have a graphic breaking down the meaning of each fragment of this code.





FP or HP screen technology = Plasma 


Year of model: 
T = 2007 
S = 2006 
R = 2005 
P = 2004 
N = 2003 
M = 2002


Size in inches


The series of the product.


Resolution of the tele. F = FullHD


Feature or design, such as the type of stand.


Manufacturing information

As you can see, with this older type of code we have the same information about the device, but showing it using different codes. Even so, they are still enough to know the type of screen they have, the year of the model, the inches, the series, the resolution and even the country in which it was manufactured.

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