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Say goodbye to the unwanted numbers on your iPhone

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We know that more and more we receive annoying calls, especially at untimely hours and that do nothing but irritate us. There is a very simple and practical way to block these numbers, since it can be done from the iPhone itself . Take note and let's do this, since there are several ways to do it:

Communication in iOS 7


If you are in the Phone application, in Recent, press information next to the phone number or contact you want to block. Now go to the end of the screen and press "Block this contact". Subject solved, that number will not bother you again .

Call-902 illegal


If you are in FaceTime, press "Information" next to the phone number or contact you are going to block. Move to the end of the screen and press "Block this contact" .


It is also possible to block senders of messages by opening the conversation, pressing "Information" and then pressing the name or phone number. Go to the end of the "Information" screen and activate "Block this contact". When you have blocked a number this can leave you a message in the voicemail, but you will not have any notification .


How to manage blocked phone numbers and contacts

To view phone numbers and contacts that are blocked in Phone, FaceTime, or Messages:

Go to Settings> Phone> Blocking and Caller ID .

In these screens, you can add or unblock contacts and phone numbers. To add a contact, scroll to the end of the "Blocked" list, click Add new and select the contact you want to block. To unblock a contact or phone number from the "Blocked" list, press "Edit" in the upper right corner, press and then press "Unlock" .

It is a very unpleasant situation to have to block numbers, unfortunately it is something that is the order of the day . If you prefer to use an external application anyway, we recommend Truecaller, which allows you to identify annoying SPAM numbers thanks to its extensive database .


Remember that you should not suffer the impertinences of annoying numbers, now with this simple tutorial it is very easy to do so . Write to us to tell us how you get rid of those "moscones". We will wait for you.