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The best way to block unwanted calls on Android with Mr. Number

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How many of us have received a call or commercial message to indecent hours that has ended up awakening in us a small feeling of anger and stress. Well the best is to put a root solution, as easy as using the application Mr. Number, which allows us to block unwanted calls on Android very effectively and with full flexibility .


The application Mr. Number is well known by some Samsung users, since it is included by default in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and its critiques about this application are very positive . I have had the pleasure of doing several tests, since the application has been developed by the Hiya studios and is available in Google Play for any Android device.

The best way to block unwanted calls on Android with Mr. Number.

The operation of Mr. Number is very intuitive even though it is an application with a large number of options. The program itself has a database to block those numbers that have been proven to be used to carry out scams. In addition, it has a second database to block numbers that are suspected of sending spam or making scams.


By opening the configuration options of Mr. Number, we see that not only allows us to block calls from the numbers included in the databases, but also we can block calls from other countries or calls from numbers that are not on our list of contacts

To put the finishing touch, the program allows us to create our personalized lists of blocked numbers . This blacklist can be created by adding contacts from our calendar, manually entering the number or even blocking by prefix.

What else can we ask for an application that is free and that is also supported by Samsung. On my mobile phone Mr. Number has become essential and once you try it, you will not want to get rid of it.