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Good afternoon. I would like to know how to delete contacts in the Moto c because it tells me that the contacts of read-only accounts can not be deleted. and I do not want anymore on WhatsApp. I appreciate the help.

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Someone to tell me how to remove contacts in motorcycle C plus??

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I also had the same problem ... It was my solution ... You go to contacts on your motorcycle c, select contact, on the top right (EYE) select the small pen (edit), without editing anything of the contact select on the top right the small three points ... And select "UNLINK", ask if you are sure, select yes or unlink ... Appears contact message unlinked and ready ... Now you can search for the same contact select it go to three points from the top right and delete ... I hope it helps, it served me very well greetings
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Thank you for contacting us, it is a pleasure for us to assist you. Are you trying to delete contacts from the WhatsApp application or from the "Contacts" application ?. I recommend you  go to your google gmail account (which you have configured on your computer), go to the option that says "Mail", select "Contacts" and click on edit / contacts and edit or delete, then you can synchronize the contacts.

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