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How to go back to the previous version of Gmail because the new one is slow

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We have a day with the new Gmail design active and there are already many users complaining about this "improvement" . We know that sometimes adapting to changes costs a little at the beginning, but the new Gmail with the 2018 design is slow . There are many who ask how to return to the previous design, to the classic version , but for now it is not possible and we do not expect this option to return.


Google has disabled the option that allowed us to keep the classic version of Gmail and how well it worked. Given this situation there is little we can do, but we can choose other solutions that allow us to handle Gmail fast as before .

First of all I recommend sending a comment to suggest that Google return the classic design or improve the new design to make it faster. We do this through the cogwheel (in the upper right) ⚙ and selecting the option «Send comments» .

Alternatives to accelerate the use of Gmail with the new design of 2018.

Perhaps in the future there is an extension that allows us to improve this new design or at least get it to not work so slowly. At the moment we have three alternatives to using the new design that work and improve speed when using the new Gmail.

Use the basic HTML view in Gmail.

It is not the most recommended option because we leave some functionalities along the way , but if there is what this version stands out for, it is because of its speed. On this page they explain how to go to the basic version of Gmail but it is as simple as accessing the URL https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/h/1pq68r75kzvdr/?v=lui .

We see that we lose useful features such as spell checking, keyboard shortcuts, text formatting, etc. We sacrifice all these options to get more speed, but keep reading that there are better options.

Use the mobile version of Gmail.

Another possibility is to use the mobile version of Gmail in our desktop browser. This interface is designed for touch screens but we can handle it without problems from the computer. Just access the URL http://mail.google.com/mail/mu/ and you can start managing your mail.

Turn to a fast and efficient desktop mail client.

For me this is the best option. Today there are desktop applications that work better than the Gmail interface itself and its use is even easier. There are three desktop mail clients that in my opinion are the best to use with Gmail. These are:

  • eM Client : my favorite, but in its free version it only supports operation with two accounts and is only available for Windows. Of course, it supports many more services than Gmail.
  • Mailspring : is a modern and free email client that you can use in any operating system. Recommended if you are a Linux user.
  • Mailbird : an email client that stands out for its integration with countless services. With a very careful interface it is a good alternative to eM Client, although its free version is limited to a single account .
  • Mozilla Thunderbird : the classic cross-platform and open source email client. Designed for those who want a robust mail client and for those most loyal to open source.

At the moment it is all the information we have, if at any time a trick or extension appears to return to the previous Gmail we will publish it. Meanwhile you can use our forum to comment on any news or solution.

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