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Confirmed the release date of iPhone 7

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Once again, Evan Blass has filtered the date from which the advance purchase of the new iPhone 7 can be made and if he is not mistaken, it will be from September 9th.

image From the previous date you can deduct the date of presentation of the new iPhone 7, which is expected to be September 7 . This date coincides on Wednesday and we all know that Apple loves Wednesday to present its new products.

The release date can also be deducted, since Apple usually launches the product a week after the advance purchase is allowed, so if my accounts are correct, the launch date of the iPhone 7 will be September 16 .

iPhone 7, a launch surrounded by speculation.

There has also been a lot of controversy around what the official name of the iPhone 7 will be, while some point out that the name of iPhone 7 will remain for simplicity, others say that the official name will be iPhone 6SE since it is a minor evolution of the predecessor Iphone 6.

Although it seems that everything revolves around rumors, the truth is that all dates fit and match the dates that we are accustomed from Apple . As usual, from Apple neither confirm nor deny the rumors, since everything is revealed on the day of the presentation, the day of the big event.


This news I do not know if it is good or bad for lovers of the iPhone, since either they have been proactive or they will have to start saving, although at the moment the official price is not known. Again the rumors point to a starting price in the United States that will be around 800-900 dollars, although as usual, Europe will come to a higher price due to taxes.

The countdown begins ... for Apple to empty our purses.

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