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Release of Dropbox Paper, edit documents in the cloud

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Surely you have already heard about Dropbox, a service that allows you to store your documents in the cloud so they are safe. Little by little they have been evolving their platform, so that Dropbox is able to show images, videos and other types of files. With the release of Dropbox Paper they have gone a step further, as it allows us to edit documents directly in the cloud .


If you know Google Docs, it is probably going through your head that it will be something similar to this service, because if you have thought this way, you have hit! We are not going to make a comparison between both services, since each has its advantages and disadvantages, but they are two of the best alternatives to edit files in the cloud that exist today.

Dropbox Paper, it has never been so easy to create files in the cloud.

Dropbox Paper is available as an APK application for Android, which we will have to install on our device or we also have the possibility to use the web application directly from our favorite browser. The only requirement is to have a Dropbox account and we can start working with Dropbox Paper.


The documents that we create, we can share them in a very simple and integrated way in the application. We have the option to add the emails of the users with whom we want to share the document, in this way they will have access to it.

Another way to share the document is through its unique link, you can also configure the editing permissions that users will have when they access the document through the "unique link". This feature of being able to share the files, is what makes Dropbox Paper a great collaborative tool .

The design of the Android application is good and also has a simple interface that allows us to edit files without much effort. Dropbox Paper allows us to export or download the document to our hard disk in docx or markdown format.

In my opinion, Dropbox Paper is a very useful application for Dropbox users, although at the moment it is in beta.

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?hl=en&id=com.dropbox.paper

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