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Launch of Android O 8.0 confirmed for the month of September

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Google hand reaches its official roadmap for the development of Android 8. Basically we can see that the latest beta or as they call it "developer preview" will soon, confirming that the final version of Android O 8.0 will be released in September .


The third quarter of 2017 (July-August-September) has been the period marked by Google in its official calendar for the launch of Android O that will replace Android 7 Nougat. Although if you look at the year 2016, the release of Nougat occurred during the month of August, so that Android O may follow in its footsteps.

Launch of Android O 8.0 confirmed for the month of September.

We still do not know the name of the dessert that will name the letter O of this version of Android 8 , but many speculate with Oreo. But first of all we will see the launch of Android O Preview 4 , which consists of a version with the final operating system images and that are subjected to the final tests.


After Preview 4, if there are major problems appear the final version of Android 8. These dates also coincide with the launch of new devices by Google , so it would not be surprising that we also see the launch of the new Google Pixel.

Android 8 is coming but Android 7 Nougat has been left behind ...

Historically, it has always been this way, the pace of development of the operating system of Google is much higher than that carried by most smartphone manufacturers , with few exceptions. At present we even see launches of new phones that equip Android 6 Marshmallow, when Nougat has been available to manufacturers for almost a year.

As usual, manufacturers hide behind the costs of upgrading to a new operating system and the small profit margin they have to invest in these types of updates.

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