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Reasons to use the RAW format of your cameras

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We have talked on several occasions about different tricks and tips to get better pictures with the cameras of our phones, but today we are going to go deeper into the RAW format so you know what it is. In this tutorial we will show you some of the reasons for using the RAW format of your cameras.


What is the RAW format?

RAW is a raw data format, that is, it contains the information of the raw image.

When we take a picture from our phone it is saved in JPG format, since it is a universal format that we can see in practically all the devices. To achieve this JPG format , the camera software of the mobile device itself performs raw data processing.

To process the image in JPG, certain data are recorded (white balance, contrast, exposure, etc.) and the data that is not necessary to create the JPG is ignored. On the other hand, with the RAW format, no data is left out and the values ​​remain open, waiting for us to establish them in a subsequent manual processing.

We can think of a RAW image as an old negative from which to obtain a final image.

Reasons to use the RAW format of your cameras.

  • The RAW format is supported by high-end and professional cameras, so if your mobile camera supports it and you've spent the money for it, it's a good idea to get the most out of your investment.
  • Another reason why using the RAW format is the image quality, since the JPG format compresses the image so that it occupies less and there is a loss of quality.
  • Finally, the RAW format allows us in the manual postprocessing stage in which to make the adjustments with greater freedom, while in a JPG file we can do little.

All this looks better with an example image:


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