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With GB WhatsApp they hide us "online", "writing" and much more

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Many people are intrigued when they observe how some of their WhatsApp contacts have a different and often "unexplainable" behavior.

There are many readers of our blog who ask us about strange behaviors that they detect in certain data of their WhatsApp contacts . The questions are of the type:

How is it possible for someone to write me at 5:00 p.m. but your last hour remains at 1:00 p.m.? or how is it that someone writes to me but never appears online?

These and many other unknowns have their explanation if we think that our "strange" contact makes use of modified applications to manage WhatsApp.

We have known for a long time the existence of WhatsApp Plus , a parallel application that became quite frequent among users, but that disappeared abruptly when it was blocked by the WhatsApp company itself. They were able to implement an automatic system to block the accounts of users who used this type of modified apps.

But recently a new version has emerged that, at least for the moment, mocks the company's blocking systems. It is known as GB Whatsapp and anyone who uses an Android phone can use it for free.

The installation process, after downloading the .apk installation file, is relatively simple. On this page you can find information about the download and installation of GB Whatsapp.

What functions do you add?

In addition to being able to use WhatsApp normally, this modified app allows you to add two large groups of functions:

Privacy Functions

In the main menu of options we find an additional section called 'Privacy'.

With GB Whatsapp they hide us online, writing and much more

We click on it, we will open a new menu with all the aspects that we can modify.

With GB Whatsapp they hide us online, writing and much more

We can:

With GB Whatsapp they hide us online, writing and much more

  • Hide in a general way all users the " Online " poster . No one will see when we are online, regardless of the action we are taking.
  • Hide the blue color of the marks when we have read the message. This and the following options can be configured independently for groups or individual chats.
  • Hide the second mark that indicates that the message has reached us.
  • Hide the little sign that says " Writing " when we are doing it. The other will not know that we are writing and yet the message will arrive when we send it.
  • Hide the indication of " Recording ".
  • Hide the blue color of the microphone that indicates that we have heard the voice message.

Aspect functions

It is possible to change virtually all WhatsApp screens, including colors, sizes, letters, etc. We can also download themes previously configured by other users.

With GB Whatsapp they hide us online, writing and much more

If at any time the application detects that there is a new version, it warns us insistently about it and announces it to us with a sign that gives us an idea of ​​its origin.

With GB Whatsapp they hide us online, writing and much more


Of course it is an application not available on Google Play , so if we decide to use it we should know that no security controls have been passed to guarantee the absence of malicious software. Also, depending on the place from which we download it, we can be deceived and end up installing some false application with bad intentions.

It is often not easy to find the right place to download because the pages where we find information are riddled with advertising, including the one that ends up installing apps or unwanted extensions.

It is not recommended for inexperienced users and those who use it must do so at their own risk, knowing the risks it assumes when using modified applications of which we know nothing.

In addition, it is very possible that WhatsApp ends up implementing some method that allows knowing the use of this application and therefore, we run the risk of being suspended from the account due to breaching its terms of service .

Now we know why WhatsApp behaves inexplicably only with some contacts. Although it is not recommended, it seems that some users decide to use this parallel application.

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