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Why is online in WhatsApp but my messages do not reach

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On occasion we have received comments from our readers describing situations in the functioning of WhatsApp that does not correspond with what was expected.

Some users observe that other people remain " Online" for a long time but when they send them messages, they are left with the simple mark , indicating that they have not reached them.

Why is online in WhatsApp but my messages do not reach

Without apparent explanation

Apparently this behavior has no explanation because if a message we send remains with a single brand is because the recipient has no connection or has blocked us . But both cases are "inexplicable" if the user also appears "online".

With the normal or expected functioning of WhatsApp this behavior should not exist. If someone appears online , you should always be able to receive our messages.

Conflict secured

But the reality is that it happens and suspicions and conflicts are assured . If we send someone a message when it appears online and yet we check that it does not arrive, it will not be difficult for us to begin to suspect that "that someone" uses some trick to block our chat, while talking peacefully with other people.

At least it is what follows from the comments that many of our readers leave us, WhatsApp is used a lot to monitor what the other does and this strange behavior of the application is the only thing that brings greater confusion and therefore generates distrust.

The explanation

To achieve this contradictory effect in WhatsApp, what we must do is "play" with the Internet connection. It is achieved by eliminating the Internet connection before closing the application .

For example, if we have the application running and activate the airplane mode, for a time we will appear for all our contacts as "Online", although in reality we are not connected . We can cut the Internet connection without leaving WhatsApp, for example, through the controls that appear on the phone when you swipe your finger from the top (Android) or lower (iPhone).

Why is online in WhatsApp but my messages do not reach

The same thing would happen if we lose the connection for any circumstance (Wifi and data) while we are using WhatsApp.

The explanation would be that the application itself sends the notice that we are no longer online when we close it . But if we lose the connection to the Internet before closing it, that change of state does not get out of our phone and it seems that we are online indefinitely. It will be like this until the system, by other means, detects that we really are not.

Additional Information

  • It should be clarified that, according to our checks, this false state of "online" appears on our contacts' phone at least for a couple of minutes after cutting our connection, but we have observed that in most cases the delay is greater than 10 minutes easily reaching 15.
  • The messages sent to us while we are in this state of disconnection, will end up arriving when we recover it.
  • The last connection time that will appear to users when they stop showing the false "online" will not correspond to reality, but to the time when that false state disappeared.

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