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Keep saving battery on your MacBook with these tricks

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While last Sunday we told you a few tricks to save battery on your MacBook and continue to squeeze the most out of it for even longer - especially with the short battery life of the MacBook Pro 2016 -, our advice may have failed to get all the hours of use you need. For this, today we return to you with more and better tricks to increase the battery life on your MacBook.

Close what you do not use, but close it!

If you have finished keeping an eye on Safari - remember, Safari before Google Chrome -, close it. Do not leave it open just in case you need it later. If you need it again later, use it again, but do not leave it hours and hours in the background, since it will continue to consume so much resources - yes, that's why it sometimes slows you down - as a battery, so it's better to close it and keep it from killing your battery.

The same happens with Wi-Fi, with Bluetooth, or even with audio , and even though it may seem strange, you can consume more music through the notebook's speakers because of a Bluetooth device, due to the power they need. Anyway, the connections that you do not use, deactivate them also.

Activate automatic updates

Apple tends to be very careful about the software, and its products are not exactly missing updates. Yes, it is true that some of them may have some other problem , but most bring enough improvements in performance and battery life . Therefore, do not be so vague and activate automatic updates, what does it cost?

macOS save battery

Connect it to connect

It sounds weird, right? However, it is as simple as connecting your MacBook to the current when you use it as an external battery to charge your iPhone, iPad or, who knows, even your AirPods. If you charge without more, you will see how the battery level plummets , so it is convenient to keep it plugged in.

And these are the tricks that we bring you today. They have not worked at all? Do not worry, we 'll be backsoon with more tips so that your MacBook's battery lasts as long as possible and much more.