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How to solve the most common problems of the iPhone camera

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The iPhone camera has been incorporating a lot of improvements in recent years, and may be one of the best cameras besides being the most popular in the world of smartphones, but that does not mean it is perfect. Like any other camera, it can suffer hardware problems and software errors .

Today we are going to review some of the most common problems related to the camera of your iOS device, be it an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, and we will explain some ways to solve those problems.

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Common camera problems on iPhone

Sometimes you may have trouble taking pictures, other times, you may have problems with the photos you have already taken, or even have trouble finding your camera application. There are a lot of things that can go wrong , just as there are also a number of ways to fix these problems.

Black screen when opening the Camera application

If you see a black screen when you open the Camera application instead of the image you want to take, it may be due to software problems although you can not rule out hardware problems.

If the problem is software, which is common and happens to many users, it is usually enough to alternate with the front and rear camera , thus solving the problem. If not, exit the application and restart from the home screen. To do this, we keep pressing the power button and the start button at the same time for ten seconds , until the apple icon appears.

If there are hardware problems, we recommend that you contact Apple's technical support team . Anyway, make sure there is nothing blocking the lens of your device - sometimes the simplest things are the most effective.

Blurry or out of focus photos

The iOS software has a lot of advanced algorithms so the camera focuses automatically. As you know, it is also possible to perform the manual focus , for this we select what we want to photograph by touching on the screen, so that it will focus on this in particular.

If the photographs are blurry, or you are not focusing on what you want, first you have to rule out that the camera's automatic mode is failing . Make sure that when you take the picture you are focused and you keep the pulse. If it keeps failing it can be hardware problems.

One of the most common problems is that the lens is stained , something quite usual. To know if the problem is this, you can try to change between the different modes of photography , always getting the same spot on the images. If not, you can always try to clean your lens and try again. A classic.

Another problem, although less common, is that the lens has suffered some kind of scratch or has accumulated dirt inside . To solve this, we have no choice but to go to the Apple store to replace the glass or clean the device.

Another thing that could be causing your device not to take the photos correctly, could be a metallic case or a magnetic objective, so that it would wreak havoc on the optical stabilizer of the iPhone.

The flash has been blocked or does not work

If you see that the LED flash comes on when the camera application is opened, you may have had the iPhone's flashlight function on since the last time you used it and you forgot to turn it off. This can sometimes happen in broad daylight when it is not dark enough to see that your flash is still on, and that it usually increases battery expenditure. To solve this, just turn on the flashlight from the Control Center.

If the flash does not turn on in any way, and you do not see any logical reason, check that you have not placed the iPhone in any hot place or have used the terminal in a long video recording. In certain circumstances, the iPhone is set to turn off the LED flash when it gets too hot , as it prevents excessive overheating. Once the iPhone is cool, everything should work again perfectly.

I can not find the Camera application

If you are trying to launch the Camera application to take a picture, but you can not find the application on the home screen or inside folders, then the following may have happened to you.

If you tried to search the app through Spotlight , and the camera application does not appear, it is quite rare, so it could be because someone has restricted access to the application, for this we go to Settings> General> Restrictions and , unfortunately, unless you were the one who restricted the access, you're going to need the code. If you are able to enter, then simply change the restriction option of the Camera application and it will appear on the home screen again.


These have been some of the most common problems related to camera malfunction in iOS devices. These proposals, are very simple and I am sure that many of you already knew them, so you will have tested them automatically to know the operating system perfectly, but despite its simplicity, work in most cases . We hope you do not have to use them and that the app works perfectly, but it never hurts to know some possible solutions.