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iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy S9 +: Which one has the best camera?

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There is no doubt that one of the features that have better fame within Apple's iPhone terminals is the camera. At the time that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus came out we could see how the camera of both, mostly the Plus model, literally crushed their competition in Samsung , the biggest rival that Apple has today. Recently the Korean firm has released what is today its flagship, ie the best terminal that owns the brand today, the Samsung S9 + and have compared the cameras of this and the iPhone X, a front to the other, which camera is better?

Samsung Galaxy S9 + vs iPhone X

iphone camera x

Before drawing any conclusions we should make it clear that both smartphones are in the highest category that the market can offer us today, if it is true that the iPhone X is something more expensive as expected coming from an Apple product, but many prefer to pay that difference for the advantages of iOS and the first-class technical service that the apple offers us , while others choose a more affordable way and acquire the Samsung Galaxy S9 +.

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We also want to make clear that the comparison has not been made by us, but by the members of MacRumors which have put face to face both cameras which have made comparisons both video and photographic quality, then we leave the video in question and some images so that you are the ones who draw your own conclusions.




From our point of view it is clear that both cameras are in the current top 3, but maybe the iPhone X can squeeze a little more of that image to show us a quality of photography somewhat superior to that of Samsung, but it is mere preference and each one should buy the one he likes best.