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How to restore your Mac if you start having problems

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It is normal that after a long and productive operating time we notice an impoverishment of the performance of our Mac. After all, for many our team is the cornerstone that supports the daily work we do every day. However, macOS High Sierra provides us with excellent tools to solve the vast majority of operational problems .

If you have discovered that your Mac does not start, it has a poor performance or that it worked so scandalously well it does not do it anymore. Then you should choose to restore your Mac . Before beginning the restoration process, we will comment that this process involves risks of information loss. For us it is essential to provide you with a total quality and trustworthy help. Hence, in this tutorial we will add a section dedicated to protecting and preserving all your data that has taken so long to elaborate and that are part of your life.

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The most important thing is your information

If your Mac is capable of starting macOS High Sierra then you will have free way to save all the content you want on an external hard drive. An alternative is to use Time Machine . If on the contrary your Mac is not able to start the operating system then you should make a backup copy of your Mac's disk using the "disk utility" tool in Recovery Mode .

Recovery Mode

To start the restoration we must enter the Recovery Mode . Just hold the Command + R keys during startup and you will see Recovery Mode. We will select the option Disk Utility in which we can make a copy of the disk if in previous steps it was not possible.

To create a backup, select the Macintosh HD disk and click on Verify. Then you will have the option to create a new disk image. For this you will need an external USB storage drive with enough free space. Specifies a name for the disk image, such as the current date.

A new beginning

The next step will be to delete the disk. Select the Delete button in the Delete section available in Disk Utility. Now you can close Disk Utility. Finally, select the Restore Time Machine backup option or the Reinstall macOS option.

The installation of macOS High Sierra will take several minutes to complete. After installation we can start a completely clean macOS copy . Time Machine will have restored our files as they were arranged before the restoration. We can also access our backup by opening the previously created disk image.

The process is fairly simple. In fact, it requires more waiting time than knowledge to do it . We have the advantage of being able to enjoy a fresh installation of macOS, thus recalling the moment when we took it out of its box for the first time. On the Apple website you can find a lot of information about how to restore your computer, so I leave you some interesting links.