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What happens to your body if you do not have sex?

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You have probably heard more than once what can happen to your body due to lack of sexual activity. Yes, it is true, there are studies that check the effects in the organism of the lack of sex , but not everything you hear is true.

Do you want to know what really happens in your body when you spend long periods of abstinence? Know some effects below:

1. When you stop having sex, little by little you lose the desire. Your body produces less dopamine, a hormone responsible for activating sexual desire and producing pleasure. So, if there is no sex, there is no hormone, no hormone there is no desire ... and without desire there is no pleasure, everything is a chain.

2. You could gain weight , according to a study conducted by the University of Alabama that noted that for every ten minutes of sex about 40 calories are burned.

3. Did you know that sexual activity strengthens the immune system ? Yes, having an active sex life increases immunoglobin by 30%; by not having it you are more exposed to diseases like flu and colds.

4. According to studies at Princeton University, practicing sex regularly significantly reduces cortisol , better known as the stress hormone. By not having an active sex life, you may feel more irritable and prone to episodes of anxiety.

5. Being in a couple and not having enough desire to have sex regularly, will begin to assault the doubts about the type of relationship you have. Although it is not the most important thing, sex is a fundamental part of every relationship . In that sense you will not be calm, since you could even come to doubt the fidelity of your partner.

6. When you have sex is released in your body a neurotransmitter called dopamine , which controls impulses and improves attention, also secretes oxytocin, better known as the hormone of love, responsible for strengthening romantic bonds. When there is abstinence, these substances do not segregate, which generates drastic changes of mood.

7. Heart problems, and even more so for those who do not practice any kind of physical activity or sport. Because sex is also considered an excellent cardiovascular exercise . Several studies carried out on people with long periods of abstinence show that they are more prone to heart problems.

8. But since everything has a positive side, by not having sex you are also less likely to suffer from urinary infections , or the dreaded Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), which are transmitted through sexual fluids.

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