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What to do if PC does not recognize smartphone

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If you use Android phone, you will often connect your Android with PC. With USB cable you can connect to computer to transfer and import data. Yes! The transfer function is very cheap. But! Sometimes the phone is not recognized by PC. For example, you connect your Android phone to PC via USB cable. But the computer does not recognize mobile phone.

What to do? This is really a frustrating problem. Then you can try the connection one more time. Maybe you'll find that your PC can suddenly detect your phone!

OK! If the problem is still here, what should you do?

But do not worry. Here are some tips for you. After reading this article, I believe you will fix the problem.

Tip 1: Restart your Android phone

Restarting can fix some problems. With Reboot you can fix some malfunctions of the system. In this case, disconnect the USB connection with PC and restart your Android smartphone. After restarting Android phone, the PC may detect your phone.

Restart Android phone

Tip 2: Enable USB debugging

If you do not enable USB debugging , the computers will be unable to detect and scan your Android phone. Then you can click here to enable USB debugging.

Tip 3: Change the USB cable and replace the USB port

Make sure your USB cable or USB port is still working. If cell phone is not detected, you should change other USB cable. Or try another USB port.

You can also connect your smartphone to another PC. Maybe you can fix the problem as well.

Tip 4: Restart the PC

Furthermore, your phone is not yet recognized by PC? OK! Only restart the PC. Maybe there are bugs or other system problems with the computer. After restarting, reconnect the phone to your PC.

Restart the computer

Pay attention: If you connect your phone to PC during reboot, your PC may not be able to reboot.

Tip # 5: Update your mobile

The problem " PC does not recognize mobile phone " is still here? You should check if there is new version for your Android phone. If you've updated your smartphone, it often fixes and fixes software bugs and system bugs. You can refresh the phone with the update.

Update your mobile

Tip 6: Reset your phone

If updating does not solve the problem yet, you should now reset your Android phone. Resetting to factory default will also fix software malfunctions.

Watch out : Before you reset your Android phone, you should first back up Android data to PC. With FonePaw Android Backup and Restore you can create and restore Android backup with just a few clicks! In addition, the program supports the backup of photos, contacts, call history, messages, audios, videos.

Tip 7: Cell Phone Driver Problem

If the cellphone driver is broken, cellphone is also not recognized by PC. Or you can view the icon from your phone to PC. It does not show content to PC. This means that the adaptive mobile phone driver on your PC will stop working.

In Windows, you should then go to Start> Control Panel> Device Manager> View> Show Hidden Devices. Then press "USB Controller" and find the USB entry of your Android phone. Usually the name is "Samsung" or "Android Device" and so on.

OK! Now restart the computer and reconnect the phone to PC. The Windows system will automatically search for the latest mobile phone driver and install the latest version of the driver on your smartphone.

Tip 8: Mobile phone repair

After trying these 7 tips, the phone will not be recognized by PC yet. Therefore, you should contact the manufacturer. Probably the USB port of the phone is broken.

You want to repair the USB port yourself? Unfortunately, it is too hard for us because the internal structure of Smartphone is so complicated that it is not easy to change the USB port. If you still have warranty, you will enjoy the service of repair for free.

mobile phone repair

Note: Different USB mode

If you enable USB connection, you can choose different USB mode.

USB mode

1. Charging: This mode will only connect your device to a PC for charging. Then the PC will not scan and analyze your cell phone to guarantee charging quickly.

2.MTP: With MTP mode you can transfer Android files to Windows or Mac.

Pay attention: Mobile phone is not detected on the PC without turning on USB debugging. Therefore, not only should you choose MTP mode, but also enable USB debugging while creating file transfers between PC and Android.

3.PTP: PTP means photo transmission. Really you can transfer with MTP mode also photos between PC and Android phone. If MTP mode does not support some photos, you should select PTP mode. The computer will analyze your phone as a camera. If you only want to manage photos on your phone, PTP mode is a better choice.

This mode will connect your Android phone properly with PC. If you want to disconnect the PC and your phone, you should properly disconnect your smartphone from the PC.

OK! Now that you've read this article, you can fix the problem now! If you have any questions, you can communicate with us.

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