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How to install and configure greenify on android.

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Greenify is an application for Android designed to close applications permanently and prevent them from running in the background automatically without our permission. With it we can save battery and resources of our device, however, the complexity of the process requires a series of somewhat complex configurations in our device if we want to make the most of the potential of this tool.

Install and configure Xposed Installer

Greenify needs to install an Xposed module in order to work correctly and automatically, so we will need to have installed Xposed Installer in the system if we want this to work.

To install Xposed Installer we must have root permissions in our system and follow the corresponding article of installation and activation of the application in our device before continuing.

Once we have the Xposed modules installed and activated we can install Greenify.

Install and activate Greenify

Greenify can be downloaded for free from the Google application store, the Play Store . It also has a paid version with some additional experimental modules that, sooner or later, will end up being available for the free version of the tool.

Once we install the application, before starting to use it, we must open the Xposed Installer application and access the "Modules" section.


There we will see a new entry corresponding to Greenify, which we must activate by checking the corresponding box.


Once activated, we reboot the device so that the changes are applied correctly.

How to use Greenify

When the phone has finished the restart we can start using this tool. The first thing we will see will be the main window of the application.


The first time we run it, we will not have any applications added, so we will have to add them manually. To do this, we will click on the bottom part of the window, where a button that says "Hibernate" will appear and we will automatically go to another additional window where all the running applications will appear in a list.


All we have to do is look for the applications that we want closed with the program and that we want to prevent them from reopening and we will select them.


To finish, all we have to do is click on the "tick" button on the top right of the screen and automatically the applications will be finalized and hibernated and future activations will be avoided without their permission.


If we want to run a hibernated application we simply have to open it normally and automatically its processes and services will be loaded again so that once we finish using it, it will hibernate again automatically after a while.

Users who purchase the premium version will be able to access, as we have said, the experimental functions of the application.


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