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I cannot access Google Play, how can I fix this problem?

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Google has started blocking its Google Apps on uncertified Android mobile phones . This movement directly affects the development of custom ROMS such as LineageOS . However, there is a way to certify your mobile by registering your Android ID.

Google blocks your applications in non-certified mobile

Google has started to block its applications on non-certified mobile phones. What does this mean and why are you starting to do it? First, we must understand that the Google Suite or GApps are the set of Google applications that are pre-installed on Android phones. Google Search, Assistant, Gmail, YouTube, Play Music ... Basically all the applications you know about the great G.

In order for manufacturers to be able to use these applications, it is necessary that they go through a series of registers and certificates. In this way Google ensures a more cohesive experience among all mobile phones that use the operating system, while forcing manufacturers to go through their hoops.

However, there was no method to block the installation of GApps on non-certified devices ... until now. Since last March 16, the latest update of the Play Store blocks the installation of GApps on non-certified devices. In this way you fight manufacturers a little bit cheesy that do not pass the necessary tests.


Up to here, everything is correct. However, there has been a side effect, and that this move by Google has affected the environment of custom ROMs , which had to resort to similar methods to install the GApps on devices with other operating systems. How to solve this problem in case it happens to you? You must register the Android ID to certify your mobile.

How to register your Android ID and certify your mobile phone

In the non-certified mobile notification itself, Google itself indicates that it is necessary to register the Android ID in case of being a user of a Custom ROM , and even offers the necessary link for it. Registration is done from this website , but how do you get the Android ID?

You will need to install ADB and Fastboot and use a command from your computer. Follow these steps:

  1. Activate USB Debugging on your Android mobile.
  2. Connect your mobile to your computer using your official USB cable. Configure your mobile in the mode to transfer files.
  3. Open a PowerShell Window on your computer. If you have installed ADB in the whole system, the folder will not matter, but you can open the Powershell window directly in the ADB root folder. To do this, keep Shift pressed and right click. Select  Open the PowerShell window here .
  4. Write the command "adb devices" and accept the warning that will appear on your mobile. It may be necessary to enter this command a second time. With this command, ADB will detect your mobile.
  5. Finally, enter the command "settings get secure android_id" and you should get your Android ID.

Once these steps are followed, you should have your Android ID on hand . Register it and register it in the website that we have linked to the beginning of this section. Keep in mind that your Android ID is reset after each hard-reset of the system, so you 'll have a new ID every time you install a new ROM The registration is limited to one hundred numbers per device, so if you find this problem of certificates a lot, keep that in mind.

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