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How to fix 0x87AF000B Windows Store Error?

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You could try to reset the Microsoft Store app. If it doesn't help, one way is to delete and recreate a user profile in Windows.
Go Start

Type "Apps & Features"

Click "Apps & Features" menu from left side

Find "Microsoft Store" click and you will see "Advanced Options"

Click "Advanced Options" and click reset button

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An error has occurred. 0x803F8001 / 0x87AF000B Windows 10 memory error

When I try to install a Windows Store application on Windows 10, I recently received a Try again, an error has occurred. The error code is 0x803F8001 if you need it . The error code could also be 0x87AF000B . If you are faced with this problem, this article will show you how to solve this problem.

Something went wrong. The error code is 0x803F8001

June 2019 Update:

We now recommend using this tool for your error. In addition, this tool fixes common computer errors, protects you against file loss, malware, hardware errors, and optimizes your PC for maximum performance. You can quickly resolve your PC issues and prevent others from using this software:

  • Step 1: Download the PC Repair & Optimizer Tool (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista - Microsoft Gold Certified).
  • Step 2: Click " Start Scan " to locate Windows registry issues that could cause PC problems.
  • Step 3: Click " Fix It All " to fix any issues.


If you receive this error message when you install or update Windows Store applications on your Windows 10-based computer, you must perform the following troubleshooting steps.

1] Try again and see if it works. If necessary, restart your PC and try again.

2] Make sure the latest Windows updates are installed on your Windows 10 system.

3] Turn off your antivirus program and see if it works

4] If you are trying to update an application without success, uninstall and reinstall the application. To uninstall an application, right-click and select Uninstall.

4] Reset the Windows memory cache and see if this helps

5] Re-register the Windows Store application. Does that help?

Read this article when you receive a new trial later. Something happened on our Windows 10 Store error message page.

If you have encountered this problem, please let us know if it has helped or if you have taken other measures.

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