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Despite having asked several times, I can not get anyone to give me a valid answer to resolve error 0x800f081f in Windows 10.

Is it impossible or do you have to be a computer engineer to find it?

Should I think that the moderators of Answers give a first answer to comply and then they ignore the problem, as it has happened to me? I ask it to stop insisting and to resign myself to my equipment can not be put on hold ...

Thank you and a hug to the well-meaning souls who read this lament.

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Hello! :) 

Seeing your activity in the Community, I find that you have already made different processes , but you still can not solve your problem, however I mention it; Within the official solution, you have been given the appropriate processes for the repair or solution of this incident. (You can review more information in the following article ).However, seeing that you have already exhausted most processes, as a last option that I recommend, is to make arepair to the system , since it is not recognizing the repair that has been provided. To start repairing the system, first download the 

Official Windows 10 ISO media ; to perform a repair to the system. (Remember that you must use the option Create installation media for another PC and we recommend that you make it through a USB or Flash memory , also remember that it must be the same version and architecture of your computer).  

Note: We will only use repair or recovery options not install or restore.     

To make the repair, (already having the media downloaded to a USB or CD), I recommend that you insert it into the computer, then restart it and in the installation menu that you see, select the option to repair the computer .  

I invite you to try the repair at home and follow the instructions.  
I hope we can have helped you and also tell us if you managed to solve the incident (maybe with the repair that is made, the problem of your hard disk is solved) ...  If this answer was useful, you can mark it as useful. ;)        
Have a great day! :)     

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