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How to fix samsung smart tv internet connection


We have paid two tech companies come out and try to fix the internet error on our Samsung "smart" TV. Many thanks to Nando314 and the DNS server number trick, because Netflix and the internet works again.

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Why does not your Smart TV connect to the Wi-Fi Internet?

I decided to write this article to explain briefly why a Smart TV with or without wireless module / adapter, regardless of model or brand, presents problems of connection to the internet wifi from home and give some recommendations as well as propose solutions that are within our reach .

Among the most common problems : the applications are paralyzed, "I do not connect in any way", "do not load the YouTube videos or load to 'stumble' (discontinuously), sometimes it is completely disconnected from the Wi-Fi network , etc. I'm sure many will have expressed some of these phrases.

Usually this type of problems usually happen in a large number of smart TV's, these are just some:

  • LG, Samsung,
  • Phillips,
  • Tcl and Bgh.

Causes and possible solutions

By asking you questions like these: why do I have problems connecting my Samsung Smart TV to my Wi-Fi network? The answers can be many and treated differently, being more specific you could say that " your tv NOT DETECTED No network" or shown " CONNECTEDto wifi but NO SAILS " or " CONECTA but LEAVING the SIGNAL OR CONNECTION all the time "

1. The distance

It is one of the factors to consider. Yes ... I know that while you're reading you'll be saying: but it's obvious that if I'm too far away from the Wi-Fi router, I'm going to lose a signal. But this is not always the case, some users connect their Smart TV in the adjoining room of the Wi-Fi router and yet they can not establish a connection correctly.

Then I will expand how to improve the Wi-Fi coverage of the house.

2. Failure of integrated Smart TV wifi:

If before your computer detected not only your network, but others around and now does not detect "none", you "reboot" it (No Reset) and continue the same it is almost certain that the internal wifi adapter is broken.

Maybe you have read about applying a factory reset to smart tv to solve the problem (after this paragraph I explain how). It is an "almost" safe solution but I do not recommend doing it. If the TV is under warranty, it is better to call or take it to the technical service.

Here we start with the possible solutions that you can do as a user. SOLUTION 1:

If when presenting these problems or when appearing as connected to the local network but can not connect to the internet (on your samsung smart tv or LG), you will have to go to the IP settings of your TV and configure the DNS option manually.

You will see four boxes, you set them to these values: "". In some TV models you are asked for a second dns, if it were your case: you put it in "".
Accept and Guard and wait for it to connect now. If you want to rename your smarttv (turn off and on again).

Solution 2: I have personally manipulated two SAMSUNG brand Smart TVs: the UN40es6800 and the UN40EH5300F and these are the steps to apply the famous factory reset :

1. Turn off the tv.
2. When it is off. Press the following buttons one by one:
3. Mute, 1, 8, 2 and finally the power button.
4. The screen will light and a Hidden Menu will appear.
5. Enter OPTIONS with the ENTER (enter) button.
6. Then select FACTORY RESET.
7. Patience and wait, then the TV will restart.

Let's analyze the counterpart ...

If before you only detected the name of your wireless network and now NO or at times appears and is lost. Maybe the problem is in the emission of wifi by the modem / router.

3. Low wifi reception of Smart TVs:

This is something that you should understand and accept, not because you have the most expensive smart tv means that this is the best in terms of Wi-Fi signal reception.

The truth is that the wifi reception of a smart tv is regular, so we must configure the router correctly so that it can link over wifi without any problem.

Alternative solution: Improve router wifi signal

What I will mention next is "very valuable" if we want to solve problems of connection losses , coverage (distance), slowness or interruptions in the connection between SMART TV ↔ ROUTER ↔ and INTERNET access.

We will do this by entering the configuration of our router, if you have no idea how to do it you can support yourself by calling the technical service of your Internet provider or looking for guides on the Internet about "how to configure my router ... AB" , where AB should Be the manufacturer and model of your wifi router.

And these are the options that we will have to configure, remember that this is done in the router settings panel:

  • Change the wifi coverage channel.
  • Configure the Wifi transmission mode: 54Mbps, 150 Mbps or 300 Mbps
  • Alternative wifi mode: b / g / n
  • Configure the bandwidth wifi: 20M or 40M / 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz.
  • Change the password to the WEP type, WPA to make checks. In the case of WPA try with three options: WPA-PSK (TKIP), WPA2-PSK (AES) or the combination of both WPA-PSK (TKIP) + WPA2-PSK (AES).

To conclude and summarize the article:

We have defined multiple incidents.
  1. Physical problem of the wireless adapter of the smart tv or wifi usb adapter (wifi dongle: in case of LG TVs).
  2. Distance
  3. Problems with DNS
  4. Configuration of cable modem or wifi router.

And also ... we have proposed three solutions:
S1: Set the dns manually for a correct connection.
S2: apply factory reset to tv or
S3: reconfigure the options in the modem-router.


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