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How to order channels on a Samsung smart TV?

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In this tutorial, we will give you the steps to order the channels on a Samsung Smart TV. This guide is intended for Samsung TVs of 2017 . The model with which this operation is carried out, is a Samsung TV 49Q7F QLED, but it is useful for models from the M5505 range. The ordering has been made with the intelligent remote control that includes the models of the QLED series . However, from the M5505 series, a control with the same options but with different design is included, so the steps are exactly the same. 

Guide and steps to order channels on a Samsung Smart TV TV 2017 and 2016

Step 0: If we do not have the previously tuned channels, we must enter the TV menu with the start button (icon of a house), and in the lower drop-down that appears, move to the left and enter configuration. Within the main menu we select Emission , and later we have to enter in automatic tuning. Then the TV, proceeds to perform a channel search.

Step 1: When we have the channels tuned, to order them, we must do the following. Press the channel button for a few seconds, until it appears on the right side of the TV, a menu in which the list of channels we have tuned. With the button to move to the right, we access the side menu that leaves and choose the option that appears above Edit channel .

Step 2: A menu appears in which it appears, the channel list, and a window with the current broadcast. In the list, we look for the channel that we want to order and we select it with the intro key that is the button in the center of the roulette.

Step 3: When we select it, a tick appears in the channel box, and then we move to the menu on the right and choose the option that says Change number . Now we press the key of the "123" command , and the lower drop-down appears to choose the channel number we want. We choose the desired one and select "Done". Then we press enter again and the channel has already been saved in the chosen order. To order the rest of the channels, simply perform the same operation.

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We hope you find this guide useful for ordering the channels on a Samsung Smart TV TV 2017 and 2016. If you have any questions, you can leave us a comment with your question.

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