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Windows 10, Asus PCE-N10 adapter, Asus RT-G32 router.

Everything was great, until an open network appeared in the zone of visibility. Now when you turn on the computer connects to an open WiFi network, you have to go out and connect through the password to your computer. A daw with an open network is "automatically connected" removed, it's worth connecting automatically, but it does not help.

How to disable automatic connection to an open WiFi network ?

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According to the idea, if you put a switch near the "Connect automatically within range" in the properties of your Wi-Fi network, and do not connect to an open network, forget the network , or disable automatic connection, then such problems as you should not be.

I can not even imagine how the system can automatically connect to an unknown Wi-Fi network. Even if it is open. Have you failed to forget this open network? Reference to the instructions given above.

There is one solution. You can try to block this open Wi-Fi network.

Run the command prompt as administrator and run this command:

netsh wlan add filter permission = allow ssid = open_net_name networktype = infrastructure

And yet you wrote that you have a Wi-Fi adapter Asus PCE-N10. You did not install any program from Asus to control the adapter? Usually it is installed together with the driver on the adapter. Perhaps the problem is this.

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