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Hello, I will specify all the details: I left for 3 days, after disconnecting all the wires from the computer, after returning, PC requested to re-enter the password from wifi.

So the problem is, the internet is connected and working (I can use the request in Google), but as soon as I go to any sites (YouTube or VC) the Internet throws out, a red X appears and writes "Wifi networks are not found" and there are no networks.

Stationary PC + network adapter D-link. If I turn on diagnostics or reboot the adapter, wifi starts working again, and again asks for the password (it's strange that it does not remember it) and the story repeats in a circle.

Re-read a bunch of sites, nothing helped, while in the settings everything is as it should (when I read the forums).

I will be very grateful for any help!

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Hello. There are a lot of different and incomprehensible moments in your problem.

Specify in the comments:

  1. Internet disappears when you open sites in any browser?
  2. The only problem with Youtube and VC? Search in Google opens, go to any site and the Internet immediately disappears?
  3. Other devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, work fine? If not connected, then you need to connect and check.


  1. Remove the D-Link Wi-Fi adapter in Device Manager, and then restart the computer.
  2. Connect your PC to another Wi-Fi network and try to open the site.
  3. If some program was installed during the setup of the Wi-Fi adapter D-link - delete it.
  4. It would be nice to check this adapter on another PC, or another adapter on yours.

We need to understand the reason. The problem is not popular, I rarely hear about this strange behavior of wireless connection.

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