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How to change language Xiaomi Mi 9

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One of the first configurations that we carry out when we buy a phone is the language configuration . Thanks to the possibility of being able to configure the language that interests us, we can buy almost any phone, no matter where they come from and we can use it in the language that interests us. This is important to be able to use it in the best possible way since nowadays smartphones offer a lot of options and utilities due, among other things, to the possibility of connecting to the internet and downloading applications .

In fact, it is normal that in some situations we want to change the language of our device, either because we are learning a new language, because it has become deconfigured, etc. That is why we have come to show you how you can change the language in Xiaomi Mi 9 so you know how to do it if necessary.

To complete this action, you just have to perform the following steps:

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Step 1

To begin with this procedure, go to the "Settings" of your mobile device, where all the features that it has.


Step 2

The next thing is that, of all these alternatives of the adjustments, you have to scroll until you find an option of "Additional adjustments" which you have to select.


Step 3

Then, you will observe in a very simple way the option of "Language and text input", click on it, which as its name indicates, will help you to change the language.


Step 4

Later, you will find the option of "Languages" which you have to choose.


Step 5

Now, in this step, you will see a list of language alternatives that you can predetermine for your phone, it is up to you to choose the one you prefer the most.


Step 6

Once you finish that, immediately you will see how the language of your mobile has changed and this indicates the end of the procedure.


By means of this procedure, the simple way that results from seeking to configure the language established in your Xiaomi Mi 9 device was demonstrated.

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