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How the halo effect works in SEO

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In this article we will try to explain how the halo effect works in SEO . It is really nothing new, but I had never heard the denomination halo effect, which is nothing more than getting an improvement in the positioning of certain keywords in search engines through positioning other keywords in the first position .


In other words, when we take our website to high positions for a keyword (top 1,2 or 3) we are promoting other words and get them to position better.

Practical way to use the halo effect

To take advantage of the halo effect, you must combine internal optimization techniques ( SEO on-Page ) and external optimization techniques (SEO off-Page).

As it is a case study, we are going to propose an example in which we want to improve the position of the keyword "lollipops" using the halo effect.

The first step will be to choose between 10 and 25 keywords related to very little competition and that we can position in the top positions easily by building a few external links (link building). As an example I am going to put the following five keywords (remember that in a real case they should be at least 10) assuming that your competition is very low: sugar free candies, caramelized candies, stick candies, natural jelly beans, mint flavor lollipop .

The second step is to write articles for the five chosen keywords . These articles are very important that somewhere in the content the anchor text "lollipops" is linked to the article that positions for that keyword. At the end of this process we would have five articles pointing to the main keyword, this in itself will give more power to the keyword "lollipops" but we will improve it in the third step.

The third step is to position the low competition keywords chosen in the first position by building links and so we will get the halo effect to drag the keyword "lollipops" to better positions in the search engines.

Personal experience with the halo effect

I have experimented with a keyword that was always dancing between the 10 and the 20 position in Google and after following the strategy I described above, I can say that after a month the keyword stabilized in position 9.

The advantageous part of this strategy is that we do not need to invest money in creating links in sites with a high authority and in many cases the words of low competition chosen positioned without making any external link which also saves time.

The negative part is that you have to invest time in writing articles related to the main keyword chosen.

In my case I managed to stabilize the position of the keyword , but it is also true that there was no improvement in brutal positioning , so this method seems good to apply in those keywords that suffer from the well-known Google dancing (this term means that the position of the keyword varies very often) and thus stabilize them.

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