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How to use WhatsApp on tablet without SIM

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Massive people around the world will use a popular messenger app every day: WhatsApp. Unfortunately, there is currently no version for tablet, although there are so many unofficial apps for Android tablets. But it is also possible to install and use WhatsApp on Android tablet. Here are two ways for you to use WhatsApp on your tablet.

Pay attention: Because WhatsApp does not currently support Android tablets, the methods here are not so cheap and convenient. Of course you can use WhatsApp on your tablet with these methods.

  1. WhatsApp for tablet (with your own mobile number)
  2. WhatsApp on Tablet (WhatsApp Web)
  3. Tip: extend the WhatsApp trial period

WhatsApp for tablet (with your own mobile number)

If you want to open WhatsApp on your tablet, regardless of your smartphone, you should first install WhatsApp on your tablet. Fortunately, WhatsApp also offers the Downloader for Android system, although you use Android tablet.

Whatsapp for tablet

1. First, open the download link from WhatsApp. After that you should https://www.whatsapp.com/android / enter. Otherwise, you can not download WhatsApp for tablet.

Pay attention : If you use WhatsApp on your browser, your tablet will not open a downloader, instead of activating Google Play Store directly. Of course, you can not find WhatsApp for tablet in the Google Play Store.

2. Then click on "Download now". In a few minutes, the download of WhatsApp will be completed. Before you can install WhatsApp on your tablet, you should enable the "Allow installation from external sources" option.

Pay attention : Android system will stop the apps from unknown sources to guarantee the security of the device. Normally, the system will not stop apps from Google Play Store. If you want to download Android apps, download apps from Google Play Store.

3. After installation, open WhatsApp on the tablet. After confirming the WhatsApp Terms of Use, you must also enter the phone number to receive the verification code.

If your tablet supports the SIM card, you should insert your SIM card into the tablet. Then the verification process will be the same as the one in the smartphone.

There is a SIM card in another phone? Therefore, you should enter the appropriate code from the phone on your tablet.

You do not have a smartphone now? If you only use a landline phone, tap "Call me" to get the activation code during the call.

4. You can then log in after the WhatsApp verification. On the tablet WhatsApp will also show the contacts whose mobile number is also on the tablet.

Pay attention : If you use your WhatsApp account with a different mobile number, WhatsApp will not show any contacts immediately. It is also possible that WhatsApp accidentally mark and lock your account as a spammer.

WhatsApp on Tablet (WhatsApp Web)

You already registered WhatsApp on your smartphone? Do you also want to use the same WhatsApp account on the tablet? Then you can open WhatsApp Web on the tablet to open WhatsApp on the tablet.

Pay attention : WhatsApp-Web is pending from the WhatsApp of the smartphone. While you use WhatsApp web on the tablet, you should also guarantee the connection to the smartphone. If WhatsApp is not connected to your smartphone, WhatsApp Web will not receive and send any messages.

WhatsApp Web

1. First, open " web . whatsapp . com "on your tablet. Then click on the menu key> "Desktop mode appears".

2. WhatsApp-Web then displays a QR code on the tablet. Please open now whatsapp on your mobile phone to activate the scanner of the QR code. After you have scanned the QR code on the tablet, you will log in to WhatsApp Web. All pictures and chat history are also synced on the WhatsApp web.

Pay attention: If WhatsApp is disabled on your smartphone, you will not be able to use WhatsApp Web. Therefore, you should guarantee that WhatsApp is not stopped by Android system in the background. Otherwise, WhatsApp Web will be automatically logged out.

Tip: extend the WhatsApp trial period

Maybe you still remember if WhatsApp is completely free? In fact, you still need to pay for WhatsApp service if the WhatsApp trial period is completed. Then here's how to extend the WhatsApp trial period! Let's start then!

WhatsApp probation

1. If your WhatsApp trial period has expired, completely delete the WhatsApp account and uninstall the WhatsApp directly.

2. After that, please download the latest version of WhatsApp from Google Play Store. Or download the latest version of WhatsApp on the official website.

3. Then create a new WhatsApp account with your mobile number that you used in the old WhatsApp.

4. After creating the new account, you can try WhatsApp for another year for free with the new account.


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