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How to run WhatsApp on PC?

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WhatsApp is very popular in the world. Every day, there are more than 200 million users who open and use WhatsApp every day. At some point we chat with WhatsApp with our colleagues, friends and families. Cool!

If you only have one computer, would you also like to use WhatsApp on the PC? But is it possible to install and use WhatsApp directly on the PC? Naturally! WhatsApp can also be used on the desktop PC. There are currently other methods for you to use WhatsApp on PC without a mobile phone. Let's start then!

So you can use WhatsApp on PC

  • Use WhatsApp on PC (WhatsApp Web)
  • Use WhatsApp on the PC (WhatsApp client software)
  • Tip: WhatsApp VS Snapchat

Use WhatsApp on PC (WhatsApp Web)

For Windows PC or Mac, you can open a web page. Then log in directly your WhatsApp account. WhatsApp Web allows the basic features on the browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and so on. Here is a simple tutorial from WhatsApp Web for you:

WhatsApp Web

1. Open the browser on your PC. Then search for "WhatsApp Web" on Google. After searching, you can find the official website of WhatsApp-Web.

2. If you want to continue to use the WhatsApp Web on the PC, you must first register your WhatsApp account on your mobile or iPhone. After starting the WhatsApp on your mobile phone, click on the "+" symbol in the upper right corner. Then you will activate a scanner of QR code.

3. You can find a QR code on the WhatsApp web. Just scan this QR code on the screen of your computer.

4. Then you can now use WhatsApp on PC!

Be aware : If you use WhatsApp Web, you must guarantee that your WhatsApp account is still online on the phone. If your WhatsApp account goes offline on your phone, you will not be able to receive new notifications or messages.

Use WhatsApp on the PC (WhatsApp client software)

Alternatively, you can also use WhatsApp on the PC via WhatsApp client software. WhatsApp software also supports Windows 10 or Windows 7. It is not yet available for Mac users. Here's how to install WhatsApp client software.

WhatsApp client software

1. First, download the WhatsApp client software. In the Windows Store enter "WhatsApp" directly. After that, you can find the WhatsApp for Windows.

2. Then install WhatsApp on the PC. Just open the file "WhatsAppSetup.exe" to install WhatsApp on the PC. Maybe the process of installation will take a few more minutes. Please wait a moment.

3. After installation, a WhatsApp icon will be placed on the PC desktop. Double-click the icon to start WhatsApp client software.

4. After that, the QR code that you need to scan with your phone appears. First, open WhatsApp on the smartphone. Then click on the menu in the upper right corner to start the scanner of the QR code.

Note : There is an option on the client software: "Stay signed in". After selecting this option WhatsApp will always be logged in to the PC. To ensure data security from your WhatsApp account, you should not enable this feature.

Tip: WhatsApp VS Snapchat

WhatsApp and Snapchat are also the popular messenger apps for Android and iOS. Although WhatsApp has so many users, Snapchat will also be very cheap to use. Which news app is better? WhatsApp or Snapchat? Then we find an answer here in the comparison.

Whatsapp VS Snapchat


WhatsApp for Android or iPhone is the largest and most popular news app in Germany. With WhatsApp you can easily send messages for free. Compared to an SMS app on the phone, WhatsApp can send not only messages, but also voice messages, photos, videos, trailers and current location.

There is a requirement if you want to use WhatsApp: mobile number. All you have to do is enter a mobile number while you register WhatsApp. The number allows you to add the contacts from your SIM card.

You do not need another account for WhatsApp. But disadvantage: Normally you will register only one mobile number. If you want to create another WhatsApp account, you will also need to register a new mobile number.


Snapchat also supports Android and iOS. But Snapchat does not focus on news, although you can also send text messages via Snapchat. But! When you send photos to friends, the pictures are automatically deleted in a few seconds. In addition, photos and images with baubles and effects to edit to make interesting pictures and videos.

Compared to WhatsApp you do not need a mobile number for Snapchat. During the registration one sets a self-selected user name. To register, you must also enter an e-mail address.

Loudly, you can not recover the deleted pictures from Snapchat because Snapchat will delete all submitted photos in a few seconds.


WhatsApp and Snapchat are also very favorable for news. The focus of WhatsApp is news. With WhatsApp you can send messages quickly and easily. Of course WhatsApp supports a function of sending the photos or videos. Snapchat makes it easier to edit and create photos.

For teenagers, Snapchat may be more interesting and beautiful. WhatsApp is easy and simple if you only send messages, videos, photos without editing.

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