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Have you ever encountered the error "Android System Recovery <3rd>" on your Android device?

Is your phone stuck or stuck on this error and not turned on?

Or are you simply looking for the best solutions to correct this error?

If so, then you are at right place. Here I am going to help you by giving a better guide on how to fix the 'Android System Recovery <3rd>' error on your Android devices without losing any data.

Practical Scenario


I am new to rooting. I rooted my Sprint Epic 4G Touch. Now I have the exclamation point on and Wi-Fi does not work. I want to restore to the factory. Even though I knew what I was doing, I can not enter download mode. When I try, I get "Android System Recovery <3rd>". The options are:

  • Restart the system now
  • Apply the update to the SD card
  • Wipe data / factory reset
  • Clear the cache partition

I tried the 4 options. No good results. I tried to update from the SD card, but I do not know what a correct update.

The dream would be for me to regain control of this device, to be able to root (and draw for warranty reasons), to operate the wifi, remove the yellow exclamation point and reprogram the parameters default of the headset.

Please help. I lost a lot of time on Sunday by plugging in the phone, and I'd love to unleash it.

Generally, when Android users try to reset their phones, their devices remain stuck with the "Android System Recovery <3e>" error. However, many users have been faced with this situation and the error occurs below:








E: PATH: / DATA / update_success

E: The update file is saved: Reported


About "Android System Recovery <3rd>"

Well, when you encounter such an error, you must first know what it is and why it happens on your Android screen?

"Android System Recovery" is a feature typically used to update the system from ADB, erase data, delete the cache partition, boot the system, perform a reset / reset, and so on. The screen does not work or does not respond or can not access the settings.

Therefore, the main problem occurs when the Android system recovery problem is detected due to a hardware problem or damage to the button where one or two buttons are depressed or may be due to a malfunction.

However, when such a problem occurs, fixing this problem is very important so that users can get rid of the problem and access their device.

How to fix the "Android System Recovery <3e>" error?

There are several ways out of the situation and all are mentioned below. However, the process may differ for different Android users. Therefore, users should check the manual of their device before choosing a method.

# 1- Check the button on your Android phone

Well, it is very important to check the button on your devices, whether they work properly or not. Turn off your device by pressing the Volume Up + Home + Power button where you can start on "Android System Recovery". The keys will help you select the options on your screen.

However, if the button does not work properly, this can be a problem. Check first whether the buttons are working properly or not by pressing repeatedly.

# 2- Take out the battery of your phone

Many times due to a battery problem, the device stops responding and the problem occurs. It is therefore advisable to remove the battery from your device. To do this, you must press the power button on your device to turn off your device.

Then remove the battery and put it back in its place, then turn on the device. Now check if your device works as before or not.

# 3 - Restore the factory

After trying the above options, if you still have problems solving the problem, you must go ahead and follow the next method. Perform a factory reset of your device by pressing the volume button, and then select the "clear data / factory reset" option. This one is the only option to fix such an error where your device is stuck to Android system recovery.

However, this method is very useful and will obviously solve the problem. But trying this method is risky because the data stored on your device will be deleted.

If, during the error correction process, data has been lost, you must use the recovery software to recover the lost data. But before that, it is recommended to create a backup of all essential data before using this method.

The Android data recovery software is the recovery program that recovers lost data when the factory reset method erases all data from the Android device. This recovery tool restores all lost data due to an error. No matter how you lost your essential data, this powerful recovery software has the ability to recover all your erased data from the Android device.


Errors are common in almost any device, but there is nothing to worry about because there are several ways to get rid of them. I hope you have solved the problem of "Android System Recovery <3rd>" and your phone is now working properly. These solutions are best for getting rid of such a problem and if data is lost when using these methods, you can use the recovery software to restore all erased data.

I hope this blog has helped you a lot.

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