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Hello everyone

I would like to know if it is possible to change the small round pane of protection of the rear camera by disassembling the camera from the inside is it accessible to be changed.

Thank you very much for your advice.

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Yes it is possible, just remove the camera and then heat the glass to soften the glue and put the glass towards the inside of the phone.

Attention when you put the new window there are nipples that enters the camera.


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Hello and thank you

when you say heat the glass is removed camera and heating the glass from the inside level camera and from there remove the small window?

then pick up the small window from the inside with the camera removed I guess and pay attention to small nipples!

or should it stick to the camera first and put it back in its location?

then put the camera back and back up

if I'm wrong thank you for correcting me.

thank you very much
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You completely follow this tutorial: Replacing the rear camera of the iPhone SE

At the end of it, you put your phone on the screen side (there is no screen at this time) then, you heat the camera window on the outside and with the help of a screwdriver pushes the glass inwards.

Attention it can go quickly so, if you do not want to take the risk also remove the motherboard.

FYI, I heat at about 300 ° C with my hot air station.

After for the nipples, there are two small holes on the optical side of the camera on the metal element if you remember more.
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Hello thank you very much so you have to warm up ok I'm waiting for my dismantling kit and I stick to it thanks for the pipe


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