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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller problems with D-Pad?

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I'll try the info us facts from the switch thread to search and collect here. 

It was criticized fairly early that the D-Pad of the Pro Controller was "inaccurate". The problem is that you can press in one direction (eg on the left) and with minimal rocking triggers the neighboring directions (in the example then above and below). The D-pad is so sensitive that it is almost impossible to switch from left to right in one go, without triggering up or down. Video on this:

Are there any controllers without the problem? 
Yes, at least the problem seems to be less with newer controllers. Apparently, Nintendo has the pen on which the D-pad "stands" extended. See also:

How can you differentiate the controllers? 
So far, it seems that all normal, black controllers are affected. With the Splatoon 2 controllers there are few who do not have the problem. Xenoblade controllers have only one reported case where the problem exists. We are currently collecting serial numbers. The list so far: 

D-pad with problem: 
XEL800057XXXXX (At least one XB Pro controller in the area known) 
XEL800108XXXXX (This may mean that the error reappears at very high serial numbers) 
XEL800164XXXXX (Splatoon Controller) 

D -Pad without problem:
XEL800059XXXXX Can you exchange your controllers?

Where can I find the serial number of my controller? 
Only on the white bag with the controller in the box. 

Does Nintendo know of the problem? 
Depends on where you ask. Something has changed in the production, so Nintendo apparently knows about the problem. Inquiries at the hotline and exchange attempts brought different reactions.

You can try it. The experiments led to the members of the forum that they got new controllers, but in turn had the problem again. Information on the hotline met mostly on incomprehension and last in a case was declared that such controllers are no longer exchanged. Nintendo sees the whole obviously not as a mistake, but the new models simply as improved. 

Can you fix the error yourself? 
So far, nothing is known. Theoretically, the problem with the "Elite Mod" should be fixed, unfortunately you can not see in the video, how the controller works afterwards:


Is there anything else you can do / help? 
Absolutely! Write here if you have a pro controller. It would be important to know which model, which serial number and if he has the error. We still have not 100% limited the error numbers, so the serial numbers are important, as well, if you have experience with the Nintendo support on the subject. And continue to escalate the problem at Nintendo by continuing to file controllers for complaint. 

As far as the booth. More experience please in this thread. If something is necessarily in the start post, please note. I will try to complete this.

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