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How to restart the Android phone even if the battery is not removable

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The Android universe welcomes users of all kinds, some more advanced and others less, because for those users who have just arrived to the operating system or who have not yet done with the controls of their smartphone, we present a tutorial on how to restart the Android mobile even if the battery is not removable .


It is a reality that smartphones are modifying their way of presenting the battery and now they have converted it into a non-removable element , which can mean more complications in case of smartphone lock.

How to restart the Android phone even if the battery is not removable.

We will go jumping through the different situations that we can find and see how we have to act to get the smartphone restarted.

Restart the mobile when it is locked by removing the battery.

I know it's the most elementary advice, but I still have to name it. If our smartphone is blocked and does not respond to screen presses, removing the battery is a good option.


In the case of mobile phones with non-removable battery this operation is complicated. In many of these devices you have to remove several screws to remove the battery and it is highly recommended to look on YouTube for a tutorial on how to do it (remember that if we remove the screws we can lose the warranty, so it will be the least recommended option) . Before reaching this point, I recommend you let the battery run out or read the remaining tips.

Restart the mobile by pressing and holding the power button.

This is usually the most common mechanism to restart, keeping the power button pressed should allow us to restart the locked mobile . If it has not worked for you, read on.

Restart the mobile with key combinations.

In some models of smartphones, especially in the most recent, we find two combinations that allow us to restart the device:

  • We press button of shutdown + volume up : habitual in devices of the mark Sony.
  • We press button of off + volume down : usual in devices of the mark Samsung and Huawei.

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