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Hey guys :) Have a problem with my ps4, and if I want to connect them to my network comes up with an error code, and this is nw-31295-0, anyone had ever had such a problem? If so, have you fixed it and how?

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It has nothing to do, if you have connected a phone, a tablet, anything after the ps4 being turned off and this has given the same ip that has the console problems begin.

Enter the network settings, assign a manual ip and enter these values:




DNS 1:

DNS 2:

Reboot the console and redo a test of connection, it is sooooo strange that fails of that with a sad month, it sounds more to failure of configuration. So sure that no device stepping on the ip.

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Have now synonymous for 4 weeks, the PS4 with just this problem. Where the message comes in about 60% of cases and sometimes not. The really strange thing is that despite the error message I'm in PSN in there. Come in the shop, can make downloads, trophies, etc. Watch the connection test, I get even a positive message that everything is OK. Therefore, I can not understand the annoying message, especially since my PS3 makes no b*tch.

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