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Help to change the font size on your Android mobile

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The Android operating system is one of the most used in smartphones and mobile devices. Among its features is the myriad of configuration options offered to the user. From basic settings to advanced options, virtually every aspect of an Android mobile can be configured . The size of the text of the operating system interface was not going to be less, so we are going with this tutorial where we will show you how to change the font size in Android .

cambiar el tamaño de letra en tu móvil Android

The large number of options that we talked about before also has its downside and is that there are so many options that can scare. There are even apps that allow you to increase the list of options, with what you already have to go crazy. Hence we introduce this basic tutorial but that many will appreciate.

How to change the size of the letter in Android.

One of the options that we are forced to use sooner or later is the font size adjustment of the operating system . Knowing that vision problems are one of the most advancing ailments among the world population, it is not surprising that this option is present in the devices.

Many of you will be thinking that this option is useful only if we have sight problems and we can not read the text in a comfortable way. But the truth is that it can also be useful to reduce the size of the font and thus get more screen space. Although in this case our view will have to be at full capacity.

Steps to change the font size in Android.

Fonts are also called fonts , hence we can also say that we are going to change the font size. The option to change the font size is found within the screen settings of the device . Depending on the manufacturer, the option may have a different name.

cambiar fuente android

In some phones we can adjust the text size and the size of the screen content display . On other phones we can only change the size of the text, for example on Xiaomi phones with the MIUI personalization layer. When we change the display size, this change affects all content, including images or videos. On the other hand, if we only change the size of the text, it will only affect the text of the operating system.

Other tips to increase the readability of the screen.

If we suffer from any ailment in sight is very likely that using the mobile is not entirely comfortable. Hence, we will collect a series of tips so that our eyes do not suffer so much while we use the mobile. It is demonstrated that the continued use of the mobile is harmful to the eyes , like the use of computer screens or when we watch television. Even so, we can try to mitigate its effects with good practices.

The first advice is to avoid very long periods by viewing the mobile screen . You have to try to rest your eyes every few hours. Another fundamental aspect is the ambient lighting, preferably being in a place with certain lighting although avoiding reflections on the screen or the direct incidence of sunlight . Using the mobile phone in low-light places can adversely affect our eyesight.

All this leads us to correctly adjust the brightness and contrast parameters . If we are going to read continuously on the mobile, it is not enough to adjust the size of the letter. We will have to be comfortable while we read and not make us strain our eyes or that too brightness will dazzle us.

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