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How to adjust the intensity of bright colors on iPhone and iPad

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Since iOS 7.1, Apple's mobile operating system has included a feature that allows you to manually adjust the white point of the screen to your liking. A white dot, also known as a reference white, defines the white color in the use of the devices .

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Lowering the white dot makes the bright colors of your iPhone, iPad or iPod more intense . On the contrary, the increase of the white point reduces the intensity of the bright colors, thus helping, for example, to increase the battery life.

The ability to manually adjust the white point to match, for example, the white surface of your room is particularly useful for owners of devices that lack Apple's True Tone technology .

How to adjust the intensity of bright colors on iPhone and iPad

It's very simple, just follow the route Settings> General> Accessibility> Display settings> Reduce white point , and activate it. Now you must drag the slider to make the bright colors less intense . Reducing the intensity of the screen by increasing the white point is a multiple proven ways to save battery on the iPhone, iPad and iPod .

True Tone

To access this function more quickly, you can set it as a start button action in three clicks in Settings> General> Accessibility> Direct Access .

True Tone is different from Reduce White Point

What exactly is the difference between True Tone and Reduce White Point?

True Tone is Apple's display technology currently found in iPad Pro models, which changes the white dot on the screen automatically, and at the same time adjusts the brightness to compensate for lighting in the environment .

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The Reduce White Point option does not take advantage of the device's ambient light sensors such as True Tone. As a result, you can not tell your device to adjust the white point of your screen automatically to match the current lighting conditions of a room. In short, if the lighting conditions change, you will have to repeat these steps to manually recalibrate the intensity of the bright colors for the current ambient lighting .

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