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How to enable data encryption on an iPhone or iPad with iOS

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As we keep more and more personal and private data on mobile devices, and these devices, unlike computers, are much easier to lose or stolen, so it is vital to protect our data from the best Possible way to avoid that, in case of loss or theft, whoever makes the device can access all this private information.

Android, for example, does not apply by default any type of encryption to its internal storage unless we manually enable it in a process that, truthfully, is quite tedious and long. iOS, on the other hand, applies an encryption to all its internal storage by default so that all the data is stored inside the protected device, not being able to access it when the device is blocked. However, for this encryption to be effective, it is necessary to enable an unlock code since, otherwise, anyone could access this data without problems.

Next, we explain how to check if iOS data protection is enabled and, if not, how to activate it.

Enable encryption or protection of iOS data

To activate this, all we have to do is configure a PIN, or a fingerprint, on our device so that it is automatically encrypted and protected. To do this, all we have to do is access the iOS Settings menu and look for the " Touch ID and code " section.

iOS without screen or data lock

As we can see, in the previous capture we have not enabled any protection measure in our device, so the data is exposed. To activate this security measure, and to protect our data, we must simply enable the security measure we want , both the PIN and the fingerprint, in case our iPhone or iPad has it.

Once the blocking measures of our device have been enabled, the data will be fully encrypted while the device is locked so that, until it is unlocked, these data will be totally inaccessible.

In addition, at the bottom of this configuration screen we can see a message that tells us that our data is protected.

Fingerprint and lock iPhone iPad iOS activated

This data encryption does not mean any loss of performance and the only annoying is having to enter the PIN or put your finger on the reader when we are going to use the device to unlock it. A very low price compared to the security it gives us.

Other important security measures to take into account to protect our data in iOS

In addition to enabling the storage encryption of the iPhone or iPad, we must also bear in mind that there are other security measures to protect our device. One of the most important, which also found in the same section of configuration of the lock of the device, is the option that allows us to  delete the data after 10 failed attempts to unlock . This way, if someone tries to unlock the device by brute force, you can not do it.

As an ideal complement to this option we can reduce the waiting time before, after certain seconds without using the device, it automatically locks preventing others from using it before the blocking layer is enabled.

Another security measure to take into account is " Find my iPhone / iPad ", a security measure that will allow us both to find it in case of losing it or to block it remotely, so that if it is stolen, no one else can use it .

Search my iPad iOS

This way, we can be sure that our data is safe, protected and we will prevent unauthorized users from using it.

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