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How to fix a zipper?

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The zippers are a very important component of everyday clothing, as are present in many of the items that you use, from trousers to bags through a lot of accessories. That daily use that we give him often makes us break up, creating a problem that has a much simpler solution than you think. For this reason, from unComo.com we explain how to fix a broken zipper . So you can prolong the use of your clothes with zippers for a long time.


  1. Problems with a zipper
  2. Fix a zipper that does not close well
  3. Fix a zipper that has come off

Problems with a zipper

There are several issues that you should know in regards to the breakage of the zippers . Thus, these can be damaged for two main reasons: the first is that the cursor has left the whole and the second is that it opens just a little.

To fix a cursor that has come off, you will have to put back the side or sides of the zipper and tighten it gently. On the contrary, if what you want is to fix an open cursor, you just have to put it back in its place and tighten it a bit. For both cases, it is best that you do with some good pliers that facilitate this step.

Fix a zipper that does not close well

On more than one occasion you have seen the problem that the zipper does not close well, because when you have placed it has opened down or in the center. This situation occurs repeatedly in aged garments , since both the zipper slider and the head of the zipper have worn out, which open and prevent their union in an appropriate manner.

To fix a zipper that does not close well, first you have to completely separate each of its parts , or lower them completely in the case of a trouser. In this way, it is important that you try to stretch both parts, so that nothing is wedged between them.

Next, use the pliers that we have recommended before and tighten the head of the zipper . Notice that the parts are joining together correctly and, if that is not the case, you will start the maneuver again from the beginning.

Fix a zipper that has come off

To fix a zip whose cursor has been removed, you must perform another different maneuver. So, first of all, check if it has left on one side or both.

In the case that it is only on the one hand, you should put the head of the zipper back in the space where the stop is and stretch it. On the other hand, if the zipper has broken on both sides, start by putting your head on the first teeth of the zipper and hold it tight so that each tooth corresponds with your partner. With all placed, re-use the alicantes and tighten the head well so that it does not come off.

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How many times have you gone to zip your coat, purse, backpack, pants ... and, instead of closing, has it opened? Probably you have thrown garments whose arrangement in the shoemaker was not worth paying, and you have paid more than once to a professional for solving other more valuable ones. The fact is that, when you see this simple trick, you will regret it. Look at it in another way: better late than never.

We unveil the easiest, fastest and most effective trick to fix a zipper.

How to fix a zipper that opens when closing it

  1. You only need a pliers . Preferably and for greater comfort when maneuvering, if it is an elongated tip.
  2. Close the zipper so that it is fully open; that is, the slider, completely stuck to the end.
  3. Squeeze both sides of the slider with force with the pliers. First, one, and then the other.
  4. Try to close it. If it does not work the first time, repeat the action. It will automatically be fixed .

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