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How to record the screen on Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018)

How to record the screen on Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018)

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Currently we find thousands and thousands of applications of all kinds, services that help us perform certain tasks in our daily lives. But we always look for one in particular and we can not find it, that's why we are here, to show you a kind of application that you have sometimes needed.

We talk about apps to record the screen of our Android device, it is true that in some the function comes in a native way, but in many others it does not. For this we have made a collection of the best applications to record the screen in Android this 2017. Let's see them!

Best applications to record the screen on Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018)

AZ Screen Recorder - No Root

One of the best applications that we can find to record the screen of our Android smartphone. With it you do not need root access, and above we can record without watermarks and without advertising, we even have the possibility to stop recording and resume it whenever we want.

It allows us to record the screen in Full HD and QHD resolutions, and as we have said, we can stop and resume recording whenever we want. What else can we do? Record the microphone, choose the desired resolution, set a countdown timer, perform time-lapse, among many other functions.

AZ Screen Recorder - No Root (Free)

Game Screen Recorder

With Game Screen Recorder we can record both the screen of our mobile and specific video games, and all without having to be root. This application automatically identifies the games, and best of all, there is no time limit!

Record Screen on Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018)

We can edit a prologue and add it to the video, we can also pause the recording by simply sliding the notification bar. Like the previous application, Game Screen Recorder also allows us to pause and resume recording whenever we want, how cool!

Game Screen Recorder (Free)

DU Recorder

Another application that does not need root to record the screen of our Android device, this time it is DU Recorder, with which we do not have a time limit and we have the possibility to pause and resume the recording.

A positive point for DU Recorder is its editor, with which we can customize the recording just a few moments after having made it. There is the possibility of retransmitting our screen live on Facebook, and if we want to stop recording, we simply wave the smartphone and that's it.

DU Recorder (Free)

ADV Screen Recorder

One more for the list! Practically all offer the same functions, but it never hurts to have certain alternatives to choose from. With ADV Screen Recorder we can use the front and back camera while recording, we also have the possibility to cut videos wherever we want.

What else does it offer? Add texts, images, draw in the recordings, in short, thousands of possibilities to make the best screen recordings that we have seen. And best of all, it's very simple to use and we do not need to be root either.

ADV Screen Recorder (Free)

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