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How to make quality reviews

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Today if you need your website to take off and have minimal visibility in the search engine par excellence Google, you will need links and quality , so buying reviews is a very common practice among webmasters. In this article I will give you a series of tips on how to buy and make quality reviews so you don't waste your money.


What is a review?

We cannot start without first knowing what a review consists of. It is nothing more than an article in a blog or web page of content related to our page and that includes a link (or several links) to our blog to give you greater authority.

How to buy and make quality reviews

The first thing you will ask yourself is where to buy reviews and the answer is easy, in webmaster forums (a Google search and you will see several).

We will see that the offer of reviews is quite large but we must always select the best pages or at least be able to assess whether the review we are buying has an adequate price.

What should we consider when buying a review?

There are two types of review vendors, those that flood us with unnecessary statistics and data and those that give little information. My recommendation is to always request the following information:

  • URL of the web.
  • Capture with the visits of the last 3 months of Analitycs.

If a seller does not provide you with that information, the best thing you can do is not buy any reviews. The capture of the last 3 months of Analitycs will be requested not only to verify that this page receives traffic from Google, but also to verify that the website has not had sudden drops of visits, because this may mean that the website has suffered some type of penalty.

The URL will be requested to verify the following information:

  • Domain Authority and Page Authority (DA and PA) : you can check this data with the DAPA Dump tool or with any other online tool.
  • Pagerank
  • Number of links, reference websites, anchor texts, etc ... All these data are obtained by doing a free analysis with ahrefs.com .

The Domain Authority and Page Authority values "‹"‹can be manipulated by creating junk links, so we will see that the value of the DA is greater than 20 and we will also verify with ahrefs that those links do not come from websites full of spam .

We must verify that the website is indexed in Google , if not, never buy a review on websites that are not indexed.

The pagerank despite having lost some value is still a reference metric and it is preferable to buy reviews on websites with pagerank. Despite this, if a website has pagerank and it turns out that its DA and PA is less than 20, I recommend not buying a review on that website.

Review sellers know that we are going to look at these metrics (DA, PA and pagerank) so they buy expired domains that have high values "‹"‹in these metrics and thus sell more reviews. In order not to fall into this trap, what we have to do is check how often they publish new articles on the website and also check that their articles are not only for the sale of reviews. Some examples of websites that we must discard for the purchase of a review :

  • Websites that publish less than two articles a week.
  • If we see that a high percentage of the articles are reviews.
  • Webs with little content, low quality or copied.

Another important factor to consider is the theme of the website where we are going to buy the review, they have to be websites with similar themes. It makes no sense to buy a health review on a Linux blog.

How to write a good review.

So far we saw factors related to the web where we are going to buy the review, but another important factor is the content of our review and how to write it. The minimum characteristics of our review should be:

  • Minimum content of 300 words.
  • Content well written, without misspellings and 100% original.
  • The title of the review must contain the keyword we want to position.
  • The review must contain a single link to our website and must be dofollow.
  • The link must be visible to the naked eye because it has a different color from the text of the article (this seems silly because I have seen links with the same color as the text and this Google can interpret as an attempt to hide links) .
  • The review must contain at least one image.

In short, the review must conform to all the rules of SEO On-page and have a completely natural look and content.

Trick to get more links in the reviews.

I will tell you a little trick when buying reviews so that our website is linked from more pages of the blog. Most blogs on the pages of labels or categories, only show an excerpt (known as excerpt and Vozidea is an example). To get extra links from these pages, what we have to do is add the link of our review in the first words.

The excerpt or excerpt that WordPress shows by default with the function the_excerpt() , eliminates the links automatically, so in websites that use themes with this function we cannot use this trick. But in many websites this works and we get extra links from the pages of labels and those of categories (the more categories and labels the article has more links).

I hope the article has helped you and helps you choose the websites to buy reviews.