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How to root your Samsung phone?

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To use certain apps or delete pre-installed apps from your device, you'll need to root your Samsung. A rooted device will give you plenty of new features and personalization options. So how can you set up a root access to Samsung phone? Here in this step-by-step guide you will find the perfect solution.

  • Part 1. Important details before the root
  • Part 2. Rooted by Odin 3 Samsung devices (including Samsung S8 / S7 / S6)
  • Part 3. Solutions for rooting errors

Part 1. Important details before the root

After Rooten the warranty of the Samsung phone is no longer valid. If your Android phone is still valid in a long time, think about whether you really want to root.

It is strongly recommended to create a backup backup of your Android database , such as photos and contacts, before the root . This is because the rooting process is not one hundred percent successful, and some unexpected errors and accidents may occur that, in the worst case, shut down the phone - known as "bricking". For example, disconnection between Android device and computer at the root, mobile phone battery runs at Rooten empty, as well as faulty operations, such a situation are dangerous for your Samsung phone. But do not worry, if you follow these instructions step by step exactly, your mobile phone is not facing any danger of the Brick.

If you want to roam Samsung S6 / S7, please go to Developer Options on your Samsung phone and allow "OEM Unlock" before the root. If not, the root will fail the device because the FRP lock on the phone will prevent Odin.

Enable Samsung OEM

Part 2. Rooted by Odin 3 Samsung devices (including Samsung S8 / S7 / S6)

What you need :

Step 1. Confirm Samsung mobile phone model

Click " Settings " to confirm the device name and model number. Scroll down the screen and select " About device ". Then click on " Software Info ", so you can check the Android version and image number.

Step 2. Download Odin3 and CF-Auto-Root xxxxxx.tar.md5

Go to the website https://autoroot.chainfire.eu/ and select the root file based on the device model, the image ID (number) and the Android version and download it. Take Samsung S6 SM-G920F (with Android 6.0.1, picture ID MMB29K.G920FXXU3DPBG) as an example. You can download and decompress the root data park, then you will get Odin3 and CF-Auto-Root xxxxxx.tar.md5.

Note : With Odin you can also completely bottle the Samsung devices .

(1) Select root models

Select root models

(2) Download CF-AUTO-Root

Download CF-AUTO-Root

(3) Install Odin3 CF Auto Root

Install Odin3 CF Auto Root

Step 3. Enter Samsung phone in download mode

Turn off your phone while pressing and holding POWER + HOME + VOLUME DOWN for 10 seconds.

Enable Samsung download mode

If an interface like below occurs, take your fingers off three buttons and press VOLUME UP . Then you will enter download mode.

Samsung download mode

Step 4. Root Samsung phone with Odin3

Start Odin3 on your computer. Then connect the Samsung phone (eg Samsung Galaxy S8) to the computer. When the connection is made, a note will be in the log that refers to " Added ". Then click the " AP " button , locate CF-Auto-Root xxxxxx.tar.md5 on your computer and add it to AP. Then click the " Start " button to start the root process.

Start odin root

The root process can take several tens of seconds. If you see a " PASS " note , it indicates that rooting is complete. After that, Samsung phone will restart automatically.

Odin Root ready

Step 5. Check the root state

After your Samsung phone has been rooted, you may find that SuperSU is installed on your device. You can also use Root Checker to check the root state of your phone.

Check root status

Part 3. Solutions for rooting errors

1. When the connection breaks off, close Odin3. Then restart the computer and install Samsung USB Driver . Then try to reconnect the phone.

2. If rooting fails, try:

  • Root your device again
  • Restart your computer
  • Install and use the latest version of Odin3

3. Can not you enter the system after the root? Check Flash Stock Rome on your phone with Odin3.

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