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How to connect a PS4 DualShock to your Android?

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Market videogames for mobile has managed to position itself in recent years, so the variety of games found in specialty stores is growing. In turn, the gadgets to enhance the experience of gaming offering accessibility,more comfortable or intuitive controls, have also grown along with the industry.

However, the most notable difference between a console and mobile is the experience of the game , which many titles for smartphones offer being played with command , so if you want to improve your experience of mobile gaming , as if a console home were, here we tell you how you can connect one DualShock control of PlayStation 4 to your device Android.

1- First you go to the settings of Bluetooth and activate the connection .

2- For the DualShock , you have to press and hold the “Share” buttons and the PlayStation logo button until the light bar starts to flash.

3- Then from your phone active "Search" in the settings of Bluetooth , you must display between the available devices "Wireless Controller", select it .

4- It may take a moment to link , after that it will mark as “Connected”. 
5-Your device will be ready for you to enjoy with different games after you verify the settings of the controls and be satisfied with it.

Remember that some have a default configuration , however, the vast majority are customized without problems.

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